An Italian Taste in the City


Every traveler wants to know those famous places that appear in the movies or are described in the books. When it comes to iconic American cities, few can rival the allure and vibrancy of New York and Boston.

Each one of these cities from the west coast boasts its own unique character and charm; these cities offer a wealth of experiences that captivate visitors from around the world.

Whether you are a history buff visiting the most famous museums, a foodie looking for the best Boston and New York food offers, or a culture enthusiast, these cities will leave you inspired and craving for more.

So pack your bags, prepare for an urban odyssey, and immerse yourself in the magic that awaits in these both fascinating destinations.

Enjoy the Bella Vita in the West Coast

If you are a real foodie, you must know the magic of Italian cuisine. The recipes from this country have spread around the world and now you can find a typical restaurant in every city that you visit.

If you are planning to travel to the west coast of the United States, you need to visit the best Italian restaurants in Boston and New York

1. Dominick’s

This beautiful place is located on the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue in the area of the famous Little Italy. Dominick’s is principally famous for serving well-sauced pasta for more than 50 years.

This popular place is proud of its huge menu offering delicious dishes for each taste. If you get lost with the wide range of Italian options, do not worry! Dominick’s has experienced servers that guide you and help you order to have the best Italian dinner.

2. Roberto’s

Roberto’s is a popular restaurant that offers a modern Italian style. Italian Roberto Paciullo founded it and to get to know this famous place you will have to leave the busy Bronx’s Little Italy and go to the side street. Trust me! It would worth it.

Here you will be delighted by a sophisticated wine list and elegant dishes such as seasonal vegetables steamed in cartoccio or rabbit stewed with potatoes. Roberto’s will give you an excellent Italian taste paired with a delicious wine.

3. Double Zero

This popular restaurant’s name arises from the gold-standard Italian flour. Double Zero is located in Boston and serves gourmet Italian pizzas, which you can perfectly pair with biodynamic wines.

Italian food lovers can try Neapolitan style and enjoy a wide variety of toppings. If you have the pleasure to go to Double Zero, order a slide of Bianca pizza loaded with nut cheeses, cashew mozzarella, and pepperoncini and rapin.

Double Zero will give you the slide of Italy that you expect.

4. Galleria Umberto

If you are in Boston sightseeing around North End, you must leave some time to visit Galleria Umberto. This area is known as the epicenter of the pizza scene and this restaurant truly stands out.

Galleria Umberto has a cafeteria-like atmosphere and it has, a menu specialized in Sicilian-style. Umberto’s delicious pizzas can be eaten there on paper plates or buy and enjoy them at the comfort of your home.

Trattorias of the West

1. Al Di La Trattoria

This cozy space has been one of the favorite eating points in Park Slope since 1998. Here you will find the most typical Italian dishes and will be able to enjoy a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

The most popular dishes for first time visitors are spaghetti neri all chitarra and tagliatelle. If you are planning to go at peak hours, the best thing to do is book a table in advance.

2. Delfino

Delfino trattoria is located in Roslindale and offers a cozy atmosphere to enjoy a delicious dinner. Here you will be able to order generous portions of Italian cuisine while you are immersed in the country’s culture.

You will be able to choose from seafood specialties to pasta and pair it with a wonderful wine list. This welcoming and friendly restaurant opens from Tuesday to Saturday and people can call for reservations and takeout orders after 3:30 pm.

Desserts to End Your Journey

If you are visiting the city and enjoying Italian cuisine, you must leave some space for a sweet bite. Here you have two main Italian spots that you cannot miss if you are a dessert fan.

1. Veniero’s

Veniero’s is a popular spot famous for its Italian architecture and its delicious handmade desserts. If you are in New York, make some time to try Veniero’s butter cookies, tiramisú and its New York staple cheesecake.

2. Ferrara Bakery & Cafe

This elegant restaurant is located in the heart of Little Italy and offers a wide variety of Italian bakery and desserts. Ferrara is the perfect place to enjoy a hot cappuccino and indulge yourself with the bakery’s famous cannoli.

Try to go with plenty of time since this Italian Bakery is always very crowded.

3. Bova’s Bakery

Bova’s Bakery is a family owned bakery considered one of the favorite places of North End to taste Italian desserts. It is opened 24 hours a day, everyday giving visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sweet taste of Italy.

Choose from the traditional tiramisu, to the delicious cannolis. If you want a sweet treat on the go, you can also order some authentic Italian cookies to enjoy while discovering every corner of Boston.

Visitors can indulge in traditional Italian dishes passed down through generations, as well as innovative creations that display the culinary creativity of the city’s talented chefs.

Whether you are looking for a cozy trattoria or an upscale dining experience, New York’s Italian restaurants offer a taste of Italy that will transport you to the heart of Rome or Naples.

Similarly, Boston boasts a rich Italian culinary heritage that dates back to the early 20th century when Italian immigrants settled in the city. The vibrant neighborhood of the North End is a hub for Italian culture and cuisine, where traditional Italian restaurants and bakeries line the narrow streets.

Both New York and Boston offer a culinary journey through Italy without leaving the United States.

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