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It is believed that only humans can create art. Is it? Our digital world has proved that even robots can create masterpieces. Artificial intelligence is learning every time. We are getting more and more news about different discoveries in different arts. We have created them to make our life simple but eventually, they make it simpler. It influences all our spheres. So you can gamble on Woo Casino Login instead of going to real casinos.

We are going to share a story about an amazing painting called “Sunset over the Adriatic”.

A Joke Became Masterpiece

In 1910, the painting “Sunset over the Adriatic” was exhibited in the salon of independent artists in Paris, written in bright, careless strokes. The author was a certain Joachim Boronali. Critics appreciated the painting and then found out that a comical hoax had taken place. The real creator of the picture was the donkey Lolo, who painted a red sunset with a brush tied to his tail. Joachim Boronali never existed, and his surname was an anagram of the word “donkey” (aliboron).

Writer Roland Dorgeles decided to play a joke on the artistic community. He borrowed the donkey from a friend who owns a cabaret. Dorzheles prepared the canvas, tied a brush to Lolo’s tail, and treated him to a fresh carrot. To celebrate, the donkey began vigorously waving its tail, unconsciously creating a work of art.

The mystery of “Sunset over the Adriatic” amused some connoisseurs of painting and offended others. Roland Dorgeles hastened to declare that the painting is a bold experiment, symbolizing the artist’s return to nature.

The further life of the donkey Lolo was successful. In Paris, the tailed artist bathed in the rays of glory and then retired to live out his days on a spacious farm in Normandy. The Lolo painting was sold at auction to the sculptor Andre Maillot. The proceeds went to help orphans.

Another Artist

In 1954, the staff of the London Zoo decided to conduct an experiment. The zoologist and artist Desmond Morris, invited to the young chimpanzee Congo’s enclosure, handed the animal a pencil and put a blank sheet in front of it. At first, Kongo drew one line and froze in indecision. Then, after some thought, he continued to draw more confidently.

Morris soon began bringing brushes to the chimpanzees, which interested Kongo even more. The monkey’s work was shown on the British TV show Zoo Time, and Kongo became a celebrity. Some artists have described his style without irony as lyrical abstract impressionism. Zookeepers have noticed that the chimpanzee draws consciously and becomes very upset when someone suddenly interrupts his lesson. If Kongo’s paper or brushes were taken away before he felt he had completed his work, the chimpanzee whined piteously and demanded that everything would be returned. When Kongo knew for sure that the picture was completed, he refused to paint even at the insistence of zoologists.

For ten years of life in the London Zoo, Kongo painted more than four hundred paintings. In 2005, three chimpanzee works sold at auction for £14,400. It’s funny that at the same auction, Renoir’s sculpture and Andy Warhol’s painting remained unclaimed.

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