Bad Boys or Nice Guys: What Do Women Really Want?

Bad boys and nice guys have their own unique traits to be liked by someone. Women face confusion while choosing between bad boys ,and nice guys. But they prefer mostly bad boys over nice guys. It sounds quite weird. Isn’t it? Then what women really want? Let’s know more about it in the next section of this article.

What Women Really Want, Bad Boys or Nice Guys?

Women are, most of the time, confused about their choice of life partners. Every woman possesses some dreams that their life partners would be like. 

Basically they have no particular issues with bad boys or nice guys. They just search for the persons within whom they could find out their dreamlike qualities. In most cases, a woman wishes to have a person to be her life partner who possesses the following qualities:

  • A person who is very much loving and caring
  • A guy with a handsome salary or income, economic stability, and sound wealth
  • A good looking, handsome and educated person
  • Man having a standard and educated family background
  • Physically attractive and sexually appealing
  • Mature and emotionally stable
  • Fittest in height and weight

Why Not Nice Guys!!

Most of the women do not want a nice guy to be their life partners. There are some specific reasons behind this. These reasons include:

Easily Predictable

Nice guys are easily predictable. They almost try to maintain a very routine-based life, which seems boring often. In any case, you can easily predict what they will say or what actions they will take. 

When women can predict men, they lose interest in them. They find them boring and nothing new in them. Women prefer to have charm and challenges in life that are absent in a nice guy’s life routine. 

Seems Fake

Nice guys always behave nicely with all kinds of people. This seems very fake because no flesh and blood can maintain nice behavior with all in all situations. Women find their behavior fake, and they think that nice guys use this behavior as a trick.

They do not trust them so much because nice guys engage themselves in proving congenial. That is their main concern in front of people. That is why women do not trust them and choose them. 

Always Agreeable

If you meet any nice guy, you will realize that they try to please people by any means. For that reason, they always agree with everyone on everything. They do not like to engage in any bargaining or misbehaving with others.

They even agree with the issue, sometimes with which they are not at all comfortable. Women can easily control these people. So they possess less value for them. You will never value a person who is under your control.

Why Bad Boys!!

Women mostly prefer bad boys over nice guys. Although bad boys are bad and they have too many lacking, women are comfortable with them. The argument involves:


Bad boys at every turn are narcissist. They value themselves a lot, manipulate others, and easily set controls over others. It has previously been mentioned that women do not value them who they can easily control. Rather they fall in love with the persons who control them. This is the most common manly behavior that women like most.

Sexually Appealing

Women want life partners with whom they could spend their whole lives happily, both mentally and physically. Bad boys are strong and fit physically, and they seem sexually appealing. Women easily get caught by this trait of bad boys. 

Like Challenges

Challenge lovers are always preferable to women. They do not like that much polite people; rather, they like the people who love to take challenges. Bad boys mostly do that; they break the normal rules, take risks and challenges. They are courageous enough. And women like these features a lot.

What If They Want Both!!

Women’s choice of partners is not any constant thing. Rather it is variable. Their choices vary depending upon their taste, circumstances, and life events. But above all, a woman neither purely wants a nice guy nor a bad boy.

They often like both, which means a person is having a blend of both traits. They want a person as nice as narcissistic, as controllable as controlling. They love people as polite as challenge lovers.

This is sometimes tough to get a proper blending in a person. But it is not impossible. You can luckily find someone having all these traits if you wait and search for them. 


Women themselves are very much soft but they prefer mostly rough and tough boys as their partners. They like the traits a nice guy possess, but they still want someone who is more manly, more strong.

You have already learned why they do so. Above all, women love a person who is caring, loving, and giving priority to you in their lives. So now you know bad boys or nice guys what do women really want.