Bathroom Interior – Here’s What You Need To Know


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. This is the place where we clean ourselves, prepare for the day, relax and have fun. Each bathroom is different, and it is important to have a well-planned bathroom. This blog will help you plan your bathroom’s interior decor for maximum practicality and aesthetics.

Before we go about figuring out a bathroom interior, it’s important to consider the different things that make a bathroom better than average. There are two distinct parts to it: the overall shape/architecture of the bathroom and how you plan the interior.

Bathroom design

The design of a bathroom determines how easy or hard it will be to design its interior. But a large bathroom is not always the best thing. If you want something that’s easy to maintain and also looks stunning, you are better off with a relatively smaller bathroom.

At the same time, a particularly small bathroom will not be convenient to use or add decor to. Most importantly, the bathing and toilet spaces cannot be distinctly demarcated in a very small bathroom.

If you do not need to worry about maintenance, a large bathroom is definitely a better idea. But keeping in mind the requirements of most people, a mid-sized bathroom is the best option.

Bathroom flooring

Bathroom floors are generally made of porcelain or ceramic tiles, or marble, wood, or granite slabs. Plastic laminate tiles and vinyl tiles are also very popular. There’s a cost aspect to it since vinyl tiles would be significantly cheaper than marble, for example.

The best part about bathroom floors is that you do not necessarily have to pay a lot to get the best material. Tiles are cost-effective and work as well as any other material.

However, care should be taken when installing floor tiles in the bathroom. It’s a skilled task that’s best left to professionals.  Ceramic tiles are often used in showers, as they are waterproof. At the same time, these tiles are fragile and prone to cracks. Handling them roughly will inevitably lead to the tiles breaking apart.

No matter what you do, ensure that your bathroom floor is not slippery. Add rubber mats if you think that it’s too slippery. A slippery bathroom is only a disaster waiting to happen. You would not want to land face down on a cold hard floor at night.

Bathroom wall tiles

Much like bathroom floors, bathroom wall tiles are also available in a wide range of options. When it comes to bathroom wall tiles, you can choose to go as glossy as you want to. It’s all about aesthetics, but make sure your tiles also protect the walls. Exposure to a lot of water will damage walls if they are not tiled.

While you have the option of going fancy on your wall tiles, make sure it looks good as well. Wall tiles occupy the most significant part of a bathroom. If it doesn’t look good, nothing else in your bathroom would look good either.

Bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures like sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc. are the true substance of a bathroom. However, you should think about the design and decor first, before you think about fixtures. That’s because it’s easy to swap a freestanding bathtub, but it’s not easy to swap your floor tiles.

When it comes to bathtubs, everything from the size to the shape to the color matters. Bathtubs occupy a large part of the bathroom and should look their part. You can save some money on showers and curtains, but spending on a quality bathtub is generally a good idea.

Bathroom lighting

Lights bring life to a bathroom. Many people think that bathroom lighting is simple, but in reality, it’s the hardest place for lighting. That’s because you have to achieve a perfect level of muteness in bathroom lighting. It can’t be too dim, and it can’t be too bright. It can’t be bright white, but neither can it be experimental colors like red or blue.

Choosing multiple lights for bathrooms is the best idea. It allows for flexibility in hue, tone, contrast, and color. Make sure the lights look good as well.

Miscellaneous bathroom decor

Adding decor to the bathroom is all about creativity. You can add anything to your bathroom as long as you are creative. It can be mirrors, shower curtains, plants, paintings, and more. At the same time, make sure that it does not clutter the bathroom and shrink walkable spaces. A great bathroom should never make you feel constricted or claustrophobic.


To sum up, anyone can have a great bathroom if they set their mind to it. All you need is a little time, money, and effort. Consider spending a little money to buy a nice bathtub since it’s the single most important fixture for a stunning bathroom interior.

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