Bathroom renovation: Reasonable capital, or how not to lose your money


The bathroom is one of the most important places in any home. If you want to transform this area, get rid of any accumulations of mold and mildew, as well as make the bathroom beautiful and completely safe, follow these simple tips.


The most proven and best option for finishing “wet” areas is tile. Finishing the bathroom is often very expensive, but you can save money on it. For example, do not try to choose the most expensive tiles. It is better to give preference to a simple, inexpensive tile square shape – it looks stylish and easy to install.

Even the simplest and most budgetary finish can look very beautiful and expensive: paint two walls in gray and the other two in white, and you get a modern bathroom.

Bathroom tiles

The main advantage of tiles is a long life, unlike wooden panels and waterproof wallpaper. Even the cheapest, simplest tile will last several years. Choose tiles in any color, but try not to use outdated versions with fish, cats and flowers – now it’s not relevant.

Decide in advance what style of bathroom you want to create – classic, loft, vintage or eco. The style is not only the whole design, but also the color scheme, by picking up which you can get a modern, stylish interior no worse than in fashion magazines.

Do away with traditional oil paints. They look beautiful on the walls, but they are impractical in the bathroom. Choose any moisture-resistant paint, but with a texture you like – matte, glossy or even mixed – this will keep the repair in good shape for at least 2-3 years.


An obligatory stage of bathroom repair is the laying of waterproofing. No simple finishing material gives a 100% guarantee of protection against water, so you should use special means. Do not skimp on safety – using waterproofing avoids mold, fungus in the bathroom, and will save you from flooding your neighbors from below in case of a pipe rupture.

For waterproofing you can use coating, roll or impregnation materials. The best option – coating waterproofing or a combination of two types – roll and coating.

Use ready-made compositions – emulsions and mastics. Some compositions need to be diluted immediately before application, and they are sold as powders. And when choosing a coating waterproofing choose bitumen (this is the cheapest option), polymer cement or acrylic.


You can buy sanitary ware not only from expensive brands, but also in the budget segment. You can choose analogues of well-known companies-manufacturers. In any construction store you can find a huge selection of sinks, toilets and bathtubs at affordable prices, while the quality of products is not inferior to the best models.

Experts in plumbing services give the following useful tips:

  • If you have an acrylic bathtub installed, do not rush to buy a new one. You can buy acrylic overlays in the store – they will update the appearance of the bath.
  • When choosing a bath, pay attention to its shape: if you like to lie with a book, buy a long and wide bath, but in advance take into account the size of the room.
  • In case you decided to replace the tub, choose acrylic. It heats up faster and lasts about 20 years.

You can also install a shower cabin. Choose the simplest option: an ordinary cabin will be comfortable for bathing, and additional functions like a rain shower only increase its cost several times, like the plumbers say.

Floor and ceiling

If you want to make a budget repair in the bathroom, forget about a stretch ceiling – it is not only expensive, but also unfashionable. It is best to use a standard whitewash. To repair you will need:

  • putty;
  • primer;
  • water-resistant paint.

A ceiling that is too low can be visually raised by using dark shades, as long as the walls are painted white.

As a floor covering for the bathroom, the ideal option is tile, but after the preliminary laying of a screed 3-5 cm thick. Other options for the bathroom are not suitable: laminate and linoleum will quickly dry out and become a place where mold and mildew gather. It is not necessary to choose expensive tiles from leading manufacturers: even budget options perfectly protect your bathroom from unnecessary moisture and allow you to create a beautiful interior.

If you still decide to lay on the floor laminate and do not want to spend a huge amount, choose a budget, but water-repellent coating, and under it lay waterproofing and additional sheets, designed specifically for laminate

You need to pay more attention to the floor, because it is the floor that gets moisture. To protect the ceiling, it is enough to install a quality ventilation system. If you do not have it, then ventilate the bathroom every time after water procedures.



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