Becoming Designation Holder With Microsoft AZ-400 Exam – Follow This Simple Guide And Don’t Forget About Dependable Practice Tests


Preparing for the Microsoft AZ-400 certification exam takes time and a lot of effort. Henceforth, we’re here to make your learning journey more convenient and effective. Below are the key study methods and relevant test-taking techniques that you can utilize in detail in order to serve that purpose:

Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and financially

Before anything else, you have to get everything set. A certification exam is a tedious process and it only caters to those who are fully committed and ready to partake in a challenging yet fruitful journey. Henceforth, you need to draw up all the necessary preparations, from your finances to your emotions and everything in between.


Assess your work experience

It’s important to know if you’re a suitable candidate for the actual test. The AZ-400 is designed for professionals who are adept in developing cloud applications and services as well as administering a Microsoft Azure environment. Accordingly, you are required to present a current associate-level Microsoft certification to serve as your prerequisite. Thus, you may opt for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate or the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate. Another pertinent thing to consider is your ability to work with key people, relevant processes, and core technologies within the business.

Familiarize yourself with the exam objectives

Through the official test blueprint, you get an idea of how the important sections are categorized and how your skills are measured. In general, the Microsoft AZ-400 is sorted into 7 major areas. So, the first topic is about your skills in creating instrumentation strategies (5% to 10%). Then, it tackles the development of SRE strategies (5% to 10%) and the management of source controls (10% to 15%), along with the practice of compliance and security plans (10% to 15%). In addition, you need to comprehend the ways on how to handle collaboration and communication (10% to 15%). Finally, the last two parts take on the implementation of continuous integration (20% to 25%) and the release management processes and continuous delivery (10% to 15%).

Gather the right prep materials

After going through the exam details, it’s time to study for the test objectives. Indeed, there are plenty of materials available online but not all are relevant to your preparation. So, to keep your focus, it’s highly recommended that you capitalize on the official resources first before using references from third-party platforms. To start, check out the 6 learning paths created for the AZ-400 evaluation by the vendor. Each of these is aligned with the primary sections of the main exam to help you sort out the pertinent topics systematically. Another top-notch tool to boost your knowledge is through the official instructor-led training that underlines the design and implementation of DevOps practices, processes, and solutions.

Evaluate your skills

Your training is not complete if you don’t assess your understanding of the topics. Therefore, you have to use accurate practice tests to uncover your strong points as well as weak areas. Try to answer as many trial exams and quizzes as possible to expand your comprehension and boost your confidence before sitting for the final AZ-400 evaluation.


Now that you have a comprehensive idea of the Microsoft AZ-400 exam, it’s much easier to ace your upcoming evaluation. All the test-taking steps and tips pay off when answering the questions. So, give your best shot when studying for the exam and maximize the right resources like practice tests to earn its related Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert designation.


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