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The real estate sector is an essential element of the United States economy and other economically developed countries. In the U.S., there are more than 2 million realtors who daily help their clients sell, buy, or rent houses, apartments, townhouses, and commercial real estate. How do you find new clients among such competition?

In real estate, traditional advertising is not always 100% effective. According to NAR data, about 41% of Americans choose a real estate agency based on their friends’ recommendations. The National Realtors Association also claims that 68% of Americans prefer a real estate agency, which they interview first. In other words, it is very important to create the first positive impression, which will describe the advantages of a realtor or company. That is why many people choose guest publications with backlinks. By means of quality content, you can define the advantages and features of a real estate agency or a private realtor. Readers trust only verified websites and thematic blogs without any aggressive advertising and garbage text.

If you need publications with backlinks to attract new clients and readers, choose only the best quality real estate blocks. It is easy to get lost in the myriad of real estate resources that do offer some engaging content but practice bad SEO and have no updates. So we have prepared for you a review of the best real estate blogs for publication.

How to Choose a Blog About Real Estate for Publication?

Publications on real estate blogs are necessary as a marketing tool. Engaging content with a backlink can attract the target audience for a realtor or real estate agency. Blog postings on this topic are also interesting for investors, potential buyers of real estate, and those who are passionate about this topic.

The best blogs for publication should meet the criteria that distinguish them from other websites and information portals.

Qualitative content and interest for the reader

Blogs that offer valuable content will always be popular among users, who tend to trust  the information specified there. High-quality content enhances the rating outcomes as well as readers’ perception. This is an integral part of search engine optimization.

The best real estate blogs for publication must meet the following criteria:

  • Unique articles with up-to-date expert information;
  • Content is well-structured and includes visuals like photos, videos, stats if necessary;
  • Description of tools that might be useful to readers;
  • Availability of practical advice and instructions (e.g., how to choose a house or apartment, how to arrange a loan for real estate, etc.).

If a blog rarely publishes articles, and they are not unique, it will end up poorly ranked by Google and other search engines. Does it make sense to publish guest articles in such blogs? Probably not.

Regular content updates and stable publications

When looking for the best real estate blogs to publish, pay attention to regular content updates. No one is interested in reading outdated information. The real estate industry is constantly changing, and investors, buyers, and realtors need to know about it. If articles are published once in a few months, such publications will be of little interest and relevance.

Simple usability and high quality modern web design

The complex and intricate structure of the blog not only scares away potential readers but also has a negative impact on SEO. Such confusion worsens the ranking so that guest links in publications attract fewer users. The best real estate blogs have an updated minimalistic web design with easy navigation, large fonts, high-quality multimedia, and a clear “skeleton” site. Users should find the right section and page in just a couple of clicks.

5 Best Real Estate Blogs for Publishing

As you already know, not every real estate blog you visit is suitable for publishing posts. We have selected the most relevant blogs for guest post submitting on real estate.


REtipster is a worldwide popular real estate investment blog. Every day this website is visited by tens of thousands of people who read posts about how to invest in apartments, houses, land wisely. There are topics with reviews of software for those interested in real estate business. Posts in this blog are very well monetized, so be sure to pay attention to it.


Landlordology is another popular blog that broadcasts info on legislative changes, tax rates, requirements to landlords and investors. This blog can become an excellent place to post links to various projects, programs, services, and websites of service companies for those in the business. From time to time, the blog posts vacancies and useful recommendations and step-by-step instructions.

Coach Carson

Coach Carson is a blog about long-term real estate investment for pension and capital accumulation. The blog is led by a coach who is a successful investor himself. Chad Carson proves that it is possible to reach financial independence with a proper investment strategy with his own example. In his articles, he shares valuable tips and comprehensive instructions on how to choose objects to add up and earn even during crisis periods. This blog’s target audience is people with average or high income at the age of 30 years.


IdealREI is a useful real estate blog hospitable for backlinks. It is run by Eric Bowlin, who publishes articles with analysis of different types of transactions. He talks in detail about the process of buying, selling houses, apartments, commercial real estate, and land plots. From time to time, the author publishes articles with links to real estate agencies, lawyers, and companies that provide services to prepare houses and apartments for sale. This is your chance to order a quality publication in this blog and attract even more clients.


FitSmallBusiness is a resource on business and investment, which is a special section on real estate. In the blog, authors publish articles on online training, marketing trends, and useful services. Thousands of people read these articles daily, which will help you attract a new audience.


Have we missed anything? Do you also know interesting blogs about real estate and want to share it with other readers?

You know that there are hundreds of real estate blogs. But many of them disappear very quickly or attract too few readers. We have selected authoritative and proven websites that are the most convenient to use for link building.

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