Books About Evolution That Everyone Should Read


There are many interesting books to read. Today, with our latest devices we can be connected to the world’s libraries and read almost anything we want. Moreover, there is no need to visit real libraries, though they have something fantastic inside. Also, technologies allow us to visit different museums by staying at home and even gambling just like in the grand casinos. If you enjoy gambling you can test your luck by joining the PlayAmo casino.

We are going to talk about the most outstanding books that describe our evolution.

Sapiens. A Brief History Of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

A book about the formation of mankind without abstruse terms will be especially useful to those who are immersed in the topic of the world history for the first time. Homo sapiens, how did and still goes through its development? And most importantly, how have historical events affected our species?

Harari presents us with a peculiar approach to the reasons for the emergence of religion, empires, money, science, capitalism, and everything that humanity has already come into contact with on its path. So what awaits us in the future, and will humanity become happier?

A Brief History of Humankind is not just a textbook, but a book that makes you think about how everything works. For those who want to put things in order in their knowledge about the history of the universe.

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Evolution: from inanimate nature to the human mind. by N.Kukushkin «Hlopok odnoi ladon’yu”

The Ph.D. from Oxford University talks about the theory of the origin of species and humans from a biological point of view: from inanimate matter to Homo sapiens. What for?

In the events and patterns of the past, one can often find answers to real questions. Why are dinosaurs to blame for the suffering of mankind? How are the lungs related to lichens?

Nikolai Kukushkin dilutes his work with his own funny illustrations. The author, with the support of researchers, writes for those who are eager to find answers to questions about why the world has become the way it is now.

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

According to Dawkins, it turns out that selfishness from an evolutionary point of view is not so bad. The Selfish Gene is a treasure trove of knowledge about human behavior, evolutionary biology, and genetics. So why should a successful gene have selfishness and cunning?

Richard Dawkins writes about natural selection and the organism as a whole in terms of genetic competition and ruthless deceit.

Not the most obvious view of the British popularizer of science will be of interest to lovers of biology and genetics. The presentation of evolutionary theory is structured and supported by specific examples and facts.

There are many other interesting books about evolution. Here are a few of the most popular books on evolution.

On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. This classic work is Darwin’s definitive statement on his theory of natural selection.

The Origin of Life by Paul Davies: Davies’s book explores the origin of life on Earth, from the first self-replicating molecule to the first complex organism.

The Evolution of Cooperation by Robert Axelrod: In this book, Axelrod explores how cooperation can evolve, even in the absence of altruism.

The Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson: In this book, Wilson explores the likely future of life on Earth, including the impact of human activity on the environment.

Enjoy reading and have a great day!


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