Brillia Is There a Link Between Anxiety and Irritability


Kids lash out for a reason. Their anger, frustration and temper boil over, physically indicating something underneath is troubling them. What causes irritability? Many parents may think this distress stems from disappointment or emotional unrest; however, it’s pretty likely, the turmoil derives from something else: anxiety.

The same proves true for adults. Those under extreme distress may become more emotional, struggling to live a calm and productive life. Little things could set off major emotional outbursts, turning seemingly small events into a significant situations. It’s essential, then, to understand that anger is more. 

Understand Anxiety Is Real and Common

Dr. Daniel G. Whitney and Dr. Mark D. Peterson published a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association for Pediatrics discussing anxiety in kids. They noted that about one out of six children in the United States, between 6 to 17, have a mental health disorder, including anxiety.

This nervousness doesn’t end in childhood. The Centers for Disease Control notes approximately 11.2% of adults over 18 express a constant sense of anxiousness or worry. These people struggle to feel good about themselves, what they do or how others perceive them.

Based on these numbers, understand that anxiety pervades the country and sufferers are not alone. To seek help, friends, family and patients, must identify concerns. It’s one thing to fear something once. It’s another to live in a perpetual state of stress.

Know the Signs & Symptoms

Mayo Clinic notes that people with an anxiety disorder have “intense, excessive, and persistent worry.” In addition, emotions often occur and interfere with how people live their daily lives.

Futhermore, anxiety may manifest in physical and emotional manners. Often sufferers react quickly and dramatically. They may often cry or demonstrate frequent bouts of anger. Futhermore, you may observe chronic restlessness and exhaustion.

For some, the anxiety comes in illnesses such as chronic headaches, dizziness and stomach troubles, especially when there is no physical cause. For instance, do you constantly find yourself with a tummy ache during certain events or situations? It’s likely because your mind is signaling discomfort.

These outward signs may resolve if people receive the appropriate help. Consider working with professionals and asking about anxiety meds for kids and adults.

How Anxiety & Irritability Are Connected

Anxiety takes over the mind. People enter a distressed state, constantly thinking about something. Are they doing the right thing? Did they make the correct choice? What do others think of them? These negative reflections build up over time, eventually spilling over.

The mind and body don’t have the energy or capacity to handle things well. Fear, guilt and nerves dominate in anxiety, injuring self-esteem. People become snappish when these feelings topple over or become bottled up for too long. They lash out with anger rather than poise.

Irritability is one of the hallmark signs people need help. People may regain composure by working with professionals to discuss their feelings and relying on non prescribed anxiety medication. Don’t wait; a better life is possible.

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