Brow bone reduction Surgery: Procedure and the cost

What is brow bone reduction surgery?

In some people, brow bone or forehead bone protrudes outside. As a result, this makes a negative impact on beauty. It makes the face look more like a masculine feature. Due to this, females undergo brow bone reduction surgery. Although protruding forehead looks sexy on men still few opt for this surgery. It is because excessive protruding does not look good. In recent times, brow bone reduction surgery has become quite essential. It’s like reshaping your forehead and getting a new one with more attractive looks.

What Is the procedure of Brow Bone reduction surgery?

Brow bone reduction surgery varies with patients and their expectations. The procedure is quite customizable according to the patient.

The procedure starts with the creation of an incision in the hair. It is because the skin is more appropriate through the hair. In some cases, surgeons do incisions from the hairline. This incision is quite critical to do, as it makes scars, and they take a long time to go.  Then the surgeon starts the procedure of brow bone reduction. They used to lift the brow bone as compared to the eyes and make the look more attractive. After that, the bone front portion is eliminated to get a feminine look. In some cases, the bone is very dense. For that only shaving is done to get the perfect look. Since the surgery requires an incision, to avoid pain local anesthesia is given. Before the start of surgery, x-ray and CT scans are done to ensure the conditions of the bone.

It is quite essential to monitor bone thickness, to avoid the loss of excessive bone. The surgery is not too critical, but regular checkups and monitoring of reports are very essential.

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What is the cost of Brow Bone Reduction surgery?

The cost of this surgery varies a lot with patients and many other contributing factors. It is quite impossible to estimate the brow bone reduction surgery cost.

Before going for this surgery, one needs to keep in mind certain factors.

Few are listed below:

  • To what extent, do you want to make the changes to the brow bone.
  • The features that you need to include in the package.
  • Extra surgery process, if required according to health conditions
  • If any existing medical problems are there. Then what preventive actions need to be taken
  • The level of reshaping and contouring you want
  • Any scars, cuts, or post-surgery medications, if required.
  • Lastly, hospital expenses

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