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Changing even a small thing in your personal space of the house can be fun, whether that involves replacing a faucet then. If you want to replace the faucet in your bathroom purchase the best pull out faucet which will enhance the total look of your bathroom. Although it occupies a little corner in the sink area, the tap serves you throughout the day endlessly. When you have to wash your hands or face, you access it without even noticing anything. It is an integral part of modern life and sometimes an object of ignorance too because it continues to process daily needs in silence until something goes wrong with it or you plan to replace it with a new style.

No matter why you want to get rid of the old, one thing is sure that your bathroom will be able to breathe freshness once again through your choice. As such, bathroom faucets are available in hundreds of looks. However, to give your cozy space a smooth touch of luxury and vintage charm, you can think of buying one of the beautiful gold bathroom faucets from a reputable store. Color gold has always enjoyed a special place in the interior decors for its richness and warmth. It may have disappeared briefly, but you can expect its revitalized appearance to remain in trend for a long time.

When you talk about the range of plumbing fixtures, you primarily refer to the brass finish, which looks fantastic, warm, antique, and attractive. Install it anywhere, and it will manage to draw all the attention. With this, you don’t have to worry about the design theme also. But it can play a perfect companion to a white, navy blue, or grey décor. You wouldn’t have to do much to create a vibrant, aesthetic environment. A golden brass faucet with a few other accents can spread the magic in an instant. However, this can come in different finishes. You have to pick the appropriate one to infuse the desirable energy.

Here is a quick view of the options to understand what you should select for your bathroom sink. Since it is more specifically about the finish, let’s learn about this aspect at once.

Bathroom sink faucets: The shades of gold

There can be variations in the golden hue, which can have a massive impact on your aesthetic preferences and tastes. You can come across three main types of gold color, including polished, satin, and antique. Each of these has a purpose and role to play.

Polished gold/brass

It is a glossy and glistening finish that can catch anyone’s attention immediately. Made with some molecular process, this is well-known for its reflective nature. If you enjoy a bold gold shine, you don’t need to look beyond it. But the main challenge with this can be the lack of coordination with other surrounding elements. You don’t get enough creative freedom with this golden hue. And it was this shine that made many families abandon gold in their interiors. It didn’t go with modern sensibilities. Hence, if you are okay with the natural traditional vibe, you can opt for it.

Satin gold/brass

It is a type of brushed finish that stands out for its bold appeal and blends with everything else easily due to its subtle look. If you buy a brushed or satin gold finish, you will not have to worry about fingerprints, water stains, tarnishes, and other conditions spoiling its beauty. The warm and bright surface will elevate your interior décor without being gaudy. It can be suitable for your urban lifestyle also. It will not be wrong to say that this finish can help you transition from old to new quickly. No matter what design theme your bathroom follows, you can trust it to deliver to your expectations as a classy and glamorous addition.

Antique finish/ brass

You can revisit a colonial or Victorian appeal through a gold faucet that comes with an antique finish. The aged look of faucet can appear luxurious. Plus, the deep brown body with a golden hint can ooze warmth. You can imagine it to resemble a natural brass material more specifically. But again, it doesn’t allow you much freedom to experiment with creative choices. Even though it doesn’t shine as bright as polished faucet, its darker brown shade can still stop you from mixing and matching it with others.

Going by this, it makes sense to explore brushed gold or satin gold finish. Its transitional allure can be a perfect match for your modern inclination and to indulge in a bit of old-world aura. The muted gold color tone will give you sufficient room to imagine and apply it the way you deem fit. For a brushed gold bathroom sink faucet, you can check credible branded stores. They can offer you the best design.

However, don’t just focus on the finish. You can decide to buy a brushed gold tap for its magical presence, but it must also be practical to complete your sink. For that, you need to make sure it is a leak-proof construction. Check its water flow rate. If it ejects 1.2 GPM, you don’t need to hesitate. It shows its eco-friendly trait without compromising with the required force. Additionally, you may want to make sure its height is also slightly more than 6 inches, especially if it is a deck mount model for an undermount sink.

A few such considerations can go a long way, making your gold faucet choice priceless. As hinted already, the beauty of the gold shade doesn’t need any description. It can create an impact even in its most subtle form and shape. For example, a simple faucet in gold with a single handle can be more than adequate to elevate your bathroom’s overall charm. It is just that you have to buy something that also performs well. Otherwise, the looks will not have any significance. If you buy one from a trusted shop such as stollwerck plumbing, you will not need to take any pressure with its quality. You can rest assured that you have invested in the right thing at the right place. So, keep this factor also in mind.

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