Buying, Selling or Investing in Apartments


There are many reasons you and others consider buying an apartment or two. You might be looking for a good investment wanting to rent them out, you might be moving, or maybe you are the one with an apartment to sell. Kiama apartments for sale are great for retirees, professionals, couples and even small families. An apartment is sometimes a great choice to live in when you are wanting to downsize, live closer to or in a larger urban area, or you are just starting out on the property market.

Important considerations during the process

Some things to mull over whether you are buying, selling or investing are below.

Location of the apartments – Location is one of the most crucial considerations when it comes to buying or selling a property. People think about whether it is close enough to work, what the transportation options are like, are there good schools in the area, what social opportunities there are, and parks nearby and so on. The better the location and the neighbourhood the more popular the apartment and the more it will cost.

What is your budget? –  If you are looking specifically for an apartment for sale Kiama, look at what they are priced at and see if that is within your budget. It is foolish to look at things that are way out of your budget and get disappointed and have too high expectations for what you can afford. Maybe the fancy place will be in your next move!

Using a real estate agent with expertise and experience

It might be tempting to look at Kiama apartments for sale by yourself and avoid using a real estate agent. But there are real advantages to having an agent whether you are buying or selling. Often your apartment will reach more people, they know what the market is like and who your apartment will appeal to, they know pricing and how to negotiate and local information and so on. Find a great apartment more quickly, sell your apartment more quickly and take advantage of all their knowledge and skills.

When using a real estate agent it is a good idea to;

  1. Explore the different fees – different agents will have different fees so it is a good idea to explore your options and compare a few agents making sure you know exactly what is covered so there are no hidden costs
  2. Offer low and negotiate when buying – when buying an apartment with your agent’s help you should start your negotiations with a bid lower than it is priced at, especially if it has been up for sale for a while
  3. Be prepared to negotiate price if selling – when selling with your agent you need to understand people will come in with offers that might start out lower than you want to go but that is part of the process unless you need a quick sale

Making money from buying and selling apartments

You might be considering buying an apartment for sale, Kiama to flip it and then selling for profit. In times when more people are looking for something smaller to live in than too big and expensive, this could be a lucrative way to make some money. Take advantage of what your real estate agent knows about the process.




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