Can the solar panels work at the time of any power outage?


Many residents in the United States witness power outages in their houses. That aside, the outage can vary from essential inconvenience to being highly dangerous for the ones depending on electricity for the power needed for all the home medical devices.

Today, many people are switching to solar power. However, the question arises whether solar panels can prove to be of help at a time of power outage. This article will delve into the details so you can decide better.

Can you lose power-using solar panels?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are generally connected to the grid and have an anti-islanding system. Putting solar anti-islanding is one security aspect in most solar systems that can shut down all the power and disconnect it from the grid at the time of the power outage. Here, the detection system can identify when the power grid is down. And that shuts away the solar system automatically. It indicates that the electricity will increase despite owning a solar PV system.

Few reasons to have this feature are:

  • It provides work security
  • It increases the grid device security
  • It helps to prevent the inverter damage

You can check out EcoGen America of Long Island to learn more about installing solar panels. It will enable you to make an informed decision concerning solar panel installation.

How can solar battery storage ensure that the power is running?

Solar backup batteries can offer power to your overall home the moment the power is out. It also creates a particular inconvenience in your daily life. And while the grid-related solar systems don’t work in case of an outage, there is a battery backup system that can store the added power that the panels generate, thereby enabling the electricity to be in supply even when there is an outage. Using the battery allows you to keep the solar PV system wholly disconnected from the entire grid, thereby securing the workers from all kinds of injury. It also ensures that the device is manageable.

When you use the backup battery, the solar inverter can store the added energy instead of sending it to the solar panel grid. It is possible to use the stored power when you need more solar energy to cater to your house’s electrical needs. Storing the added energy is especially meaningful when the power outage is present for a long time. It could be due to a downed power line or a storm surge.

What is the cost of solar batteries?

The expense of the solar battery can differ based on the capacity. The bigger batteries that have the scope for increased storage can cost more. On the other hand, small-capacity batteries are highly affordable.

Ideally, you need to find out your need and invest accordingly so that it caters to your purpose. And the amount that you pay for the battery usually depends on all your needs. Usually, the homeowners pay anything between $200 and $15,000 for installing the solar battery.

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