5 Architectural Styles That Define New York City

5 Architectural Styles That Define New York City

In a city that is always busy, one can easily see the hallmarks of the past upon looking at New York’s architecture. Home to a range of races, it is no surprise that New York’s diversity extends to its buildings and architecture as well. If you are a New Yorker or someone … Read more

Where to buy Doric Columns

doric drawing

Pagliacco Turning and Milling is an excellent source for Doric columns made from wood, fiberglas and other materials. Plaster capitals are also available from Pagliacco. Column shafts may be smooth or fluted. Columns may be ordered in a variety of split configurations so they can wrap around existing posts or fit up … Read more

Doric Columns in Famous Buildings and Structures

Parthenon from west

There are many examples of of Doric columns in ancient and more contemporary structures. The Parthenon Built in the 5th century BCE, the Parthenon is the most famous surviving building in the Doric Order. Built to honor the Greek goddess Athena the Parthenon is considered to be an ideal example of Greek … Read more

Doric Columns & the Doric Order of Classical Architecture

doric perspective

Do you like to read about Doric Columns in pdf? Try out free PDF Compressor to read books about architecture in small size. Doric Columns have a firm place in history and in the tradition of classical architecture. The ancient styles of construction developed in Greece and Rome were revived and codified by Renaissance … Read more