How to Protect Buildings From COVID-19 Infection

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The Statue of Liberty against a backdrop of high-rise buildings in New York City. Picture: Shutterstock By Michael Tobias COVID-19 has catapulted indoor air quality into the limelight as hospitals and health facilities work tirelessly to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, educational bodies consider the best strategies to minimize infection before … Read more

A Very Beginner’s Guide to Couple Clothing

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It is understood that everyone has a fetish, and it is okay to embrace yours. Are you looking for something that might add kink to the bedroom? Are you looking for something to embrace your BDSM side? Well, there is no rush; it is quite simple if you put a little more … Read more

Best 24 Hour Gyms in Dallas

Best 24 Hour Gyms in Dallas

It is a cool thing when you can do your work out at almost any time of the day, and at a consistent rate the best season, however, for most people to restore their body shape and fitness trying out much body work out is during the spring. And this is when … Read more

Xanax: Addiction, Symptoms, And Treatments

Xanax: Addiction, Symptoms, And Treatments

Xanax is the brand name for a drug called alprazolam. It is used to treat panic attacks and disorders, stress, and generalized anxiety. Although it is highly addictive, it is one of the commonly prescribed benzodiazepines. Xanax is highly effective and like all highly effective drugs, it could be abused. A couple … Read more

You May Experience These Side Effects After Surgery

You May Experience These Side Effects After Surgery

It is normal to experience side effects or complications as you may call it after undergoing a surgical procedure. Some of these complications are minor and wear off easily after a couple of days while in some cases, there may be more severe complications that would need medical emergency treatment. Your doctor … Read more

10 Negative Effects You Won’t Escape In Drinking

10 Negative Effects You Won't Escape In Drinking

Depending on the degree of consumption of alcohol, there are varying effects on individuals. Occasional drinking may not warrant severe or many harmful effects but consistent drinking, binge drinking can cause severe health complications such as organs dysfunction, financial crises, and psychological effects on you. There is a thin line separating moderate … Read more


You might have heard about how important it is to regularly clean your duct at scheduled hours. Well, apart from the fact that it guarantees fresh air quality on your cooling and heating systems, you probably have not considered the risks with dirty air ducts. An unclean duct translates to multiple health … Read more