Exploring the Garment Industry in India

Indian flag

The garment market has become quite popular all over the world and emerged as a major industry. The global apparel manufacturing market and fashion industry have a value of over $3 trillion. However, this industry is dominated by countries that are developing and not yet developed. This means that countries like the … Read more

Exploring the Garment Industry in China

Flag of China

Garments are one of the most important industries in the world with China being the leader in the market. Over the past few years, the garment industry has expanded in terms of markets as well as the products catered to the end users. Following this trend, China has also expanded on its … Read more

Top Garment Manufacturing Countries in World-2021

Top Garment Manufacturing Countries in World-2020

The garment sector is playing a very significant role in every country’s economic development. People wear clothes to represent their culture to the whole world. Most importantly, people are very natty and stylish in this modern age. That is why the demand for the garment’s product is increasing day by day. With … Read more