How to Become a Professional Interior Designer?

picture of a living room

Many individuals are interested in interior design as a career option but struggle to make the right decisions and find the right process to follow. Most people can’t figure out the starting point of their career and need someone to guide them along the way.  If you think that becoming an interior … Read more

Top 13 New York City Interior Designers

Top 13 New York City Interior Designers

New York City is popular all over the globe for its amazing buildings and skyline. But in practical life, one that looks beautiful from the outside should also have the comforts on the inside. Fortunately, New York City not only has the world’s best exterior and architecture, but it is also the … Read more

Best New York Interior Design Schools

Interior design is a passion for many students; it’s a way to express your inner creativity and also see people benefiting from your talents. Unfortunately, the choices for interior design programs are limited in variety, so students may not have much choice in this area. However, New York still has quite a … Read more

The History of Interior Design

Interior design is a burgeoning profession these days, but its history is actually not that long. In fact, this particular profession is just around a century old, though it started out in the form of decorating. This art has evolved and become what we now as the specialized field of interior design. … Read more