CBD For Dogs: How To Properly Take Care Of Your Canine


Taking care of a dog is more than just feeding them and giving them pets. It goes beyond responsibility that demands your time, money, and dedication for their welfare. According to a statistical report here, the most common reason a pet is rehomed is pet problems. This can be behavioral, health, growth, and hostility, which 45% of rehomed (dogs) suffer from.

This reason roots from being uninformed about adequately taking care of canines. It is not difficult, though it can be laborious at some point. That is why taking care of a dog should take dedication and commitment, and only the best when it comes to their immune system. Read on and find out how CBD plays a significant part in your dog’s overall health and daily life, even if you consider yourself a veteran in the matter.

Just take note if you are just about to get a dog or planning to consider adopting as your first option. There are around 900,000 homeless cats and dogs being euthanized in the US annually. Save a life one at a time, and our collective efforts to stop breeders and lessen stray canines will make a difference in the long run.

How To Properly Care For A Canine

Regarding Feeding

When it comes to feeding your canine, you should think of balanced meals and frequently changed water. Once your dog begins to lose appetite, you should be very concerned about malnutrition and lack of energy resulting in more significant problems. Luckily, CBD companies like Holistapet offer 100% THC-free products for your canines. CBD stimulates the appetite and assists your dog to have better nutrition by doubling their food ingestion.

Other than the support CBD gives, you can make sure to support your dog’s appetite by having different food for different meals. You can provide them with dog food mixed in water, broth, or premium canned food for lunch. You can also offer cottage cheese, cooked egg, some fruits, and vegetables to give for dinner. Clean and fresh water should be changed frequently and accessible for your pet. As allpetslife.com mentioned in their article that, if you are unsure of what your dog should be eating, the best way to find out is to simply ask the vet. If your dog has health issues, you may find that there is an ideal food to help their health issues.

Regarding Grooming

Frequent brushing can keep your dog from shedding. It can also get rid of any dirt or pests from clinging to their fur. Depending on your dog’s breed, frequent trimming of matted should be done to ensure a healthy coat. Speaking of healthy coats, cannabidiol products are known to give your canine a shinier fur coat after frequent use. It also strengthens roots to lessen shedding.

In terms of bathing your dog, some breeds can require a bath a few times a year, but if they’re on the furrier side, it’s recommended to give them a bath as much as necessary. During summer, some get fleas and other infestations. Using tic powder and having more frequent baths to cool down their body and rinse off the tics is advised.

Regarding Exercise

Exercise is as vital to a dog just as it is with humans. Exercise burns extra calories off, stimulate their minds, and keep them physically active and healthy. Obesity affects 53% of dogs (see reference: http://www.vetstreet.com/our-pet-experts/your-dog-why-exercise-is-important) and can lead to many health problems. Some of these are heart problems, arthritis, and breathing difficulties.

It is known that fit humans live a longer life than those who lead sedentary lifestyles. The same can be said with our canine friends. That is why it’s suggested to take dogs for frequent walks, which are beneficial to both owners and pets. Exercise can have dogs spent and thus avoid any destructive behaviors around the house.

Regarding Their Housing

The most important to note is a warm and comfortable place to sleep for them. Giving them a warm blanket and a doggy bed would suffice, but if your dog is suffering from insomnia, no amount of soft pillows will induce sleep. Cannabidiol products can help with insomnia through a pseudo-sedative effect. It relaxes their body to sleep but does not come from a shot or other chemical. Instead, cannabidiol does it naturally in the body.


Integrating Cannabidiol products in your pet’s meals can mean an easier transition from mid-life to an older age. This is due to its many beneficial effects, like relief from osteoarthritis, improved appetite, and sleep, and boosted immune system. Investing in CBD products is a wise move and should be considered by all dog owners, regardless of their age.



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