Cellulite Treatments That Don’t Work


Cellulite treatment is a multibillion-dollar industry given that 90% of women have it. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that more than 30,000 procedures are performed each year. Because the industry is a booming business, it has attracted all sorts of products that all claim to eradicate your cellulite. But not all of these work. If anything, only a handful of anti cellulite crème products work like Novigel.

Therefore, before you join the thousands of women who spend dearly every year to clear their cellulite, we will take you through treatments that don’t work. Continue reading to learn more.

Cellulite Treatments That Don’t Work

Cellulite treatments don’t come cheap. Worse still, only a few of them work. The next time you come across these methods, steer clear of them. not only are they expensive but they also won’t guarantee the end of your cellulite.

Roller-suction treatments

The methods are also called cellulite massagers. They purport to work b rolling or sucking the skin, which leads to a boost in blood circulation in the affected area. Although there will be some improvements in your skin, the effects only last a short time. Also, the results you will get from this procedure depend on many factors like the technique used, the patient, and the device settings.


Liposuction refers to a procedure where the fat in the body is removed. But with cellulite, merely removing the fat isn’t enough. Liposuction is meant for body contouring or sculpting. Unfortunately, its major side effect is that it leads to increased dimpling.

Weight Loss

There is no doubt as to the several benefits of losing weight. It makes you fitter and also reduces your chances of contracting deadly diseases like diabetes and heart attack. But when it comes to reducing cellulite, losing weight can be counterproductive. It can if anything, make your cellulite worse. Most people who lose weight to reduce cellulite end up with redundant skin, which refers to loose skin that accentuates the appearance of cellulite.

Lifestyle Changes

Overall, developing a habit of eating healthfully is an excellent idea that should be embraced by all. This includes eating lots of vegetables and fruits and also taking part in physical activities. But these alone are not enough to cure your cellulite. However, they may improve cellulite appearance. Experts recommend that you couple lifestyle changes with another treatment, like Novigel.


Its other name is fat-freezing, and it refers to a non-invasive procedure involving the cooling of the body so that it can break down fat cells. Results are different for most people, and although it may eliminate small pockets of fat, do not trust the treatment method to banish your cellulite.


Staying hydrated is beneficial for your body in many ways, but counting on it to conquer your cellulite is asking too much. That’s why experts recommend that you do it anyway. To know the amount of water to drink daily, divide your weight by 2.2. And while it will not necessarily get rid of your cellulite, it makes you feel and look better, even with your cellulite.


Under this method, a doctor injects chemicals into the fat layers found underneath the affected skin. These chemicals are thought to break down and also reduce cellulite appearance. The chemicals that may be injected into you include minerals and vitamins, hormones, and herbal extracts. However, there is no research backing the use of these chemicals to eradicate cellulite. On the contrary, doctors discourage members of the public from using this method as the procedure has many risks like swelling, rashes, lumpy skin, and infection.

Treatments that Work

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments combine light therapy, massage, and liposuction. The aim is to cut the connective tissues, boost collagen growth, and liquefy fats. It also increases blood circulation and reduces fluid retention. You should wait for a minimum of six months to see results.

There are many different laser treatments but the type that’s approved by the Food and Drugs Administration is called Cellulaze. Under this treatment, a doctor will inject you with a numbing substance, after which they will place a laser under your skin. The result is that heat will be shot in different directions. Cellulaze improves your cellulite appearance by 75%.  Moreover, some clinics may offer the option of incorporating red light therapy beds as part of the overall treatment plan, allowing you to benefit from the combined effects of laser treatments and red light therapy.


This minimally invasive procedure improves cellulite appearance and gives you smoother skin. The results of the procedure are usually long-lasting, and you can see them for up to two years. The procedure involves marking the affected area, injecting a numbing substance, and then cutting the connective tissues with a small blade.

One of the devices used in the method is called Cellfina, which was approved by the FDA in 2015. It makes the procedure easier and more accurate. The procedure will allow you to experience cellulite-free skin for at least two years.

Topical products

There are a few top anti cellulite crème products in the market that work perfectly to reduce cellulite appearance on the body. However, not all of them do what they promise. Given that this is a multibillion industry, it is important to choose the right products if you want to see the best results. Choose a product made of natural ingredients only to avoid adverse side effects. Also, it needs to explain how it is going to tackle your cellulite. A top product like to recommend to my readers is Novigel. It breaks the fats that form cellulite and contains a rich supply of mineral salts, vitamins, plants, and herbal extracts.

Another topical product you can try is retinol but its results may not be as impressive. It is applied two times a day for at least six months. It also works by thickening the skin and minimizing the orange-peel appearance that is associated with cellulite.


A lot of treatment methods are advertised as a potent solution to kick out your cellulite. However, a good majority of these treatments are no more than a waste of money. Knowing the most effective methods, for example, an anti cellulite crème called Novigel, not only saves time but also ensures you get cured quickly and safely.

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