Checklist and tips to consider before traveling abroad


There are so many people around us, who want to explore new cities, people, cultures, and so on. They are always excited about new adventures and moving to a completely new place is not less than an adventure for us. But those who are dedicated and ready to work hard will get easily settle at a new place. Most of the students want to go there to study and some for work. There are so many things about which you must be prepared well in advance if you want to shift to another place.

The list of things and works to be performed before going should be prepared well in advance so that you won’t miss anything. Booking your accommodation is another important step which you cannot ignore. You can decide what type of accommodation option you want to choose like you to book Coventry student accommodation studio or you want on-campus accommodation. Your to-do list will be going to be so long as you can’t afford to miss any of the activities. If we try to find out the reason why the students are more attracted to foreign countries for study purposes then the reasons can be many. 

They may be attracted to the advanced educational system or the modern tools that they are using in their colleges. Every one of us wants the independence of living alone so that we can become financially independent. They want foreign exposure and the job opportunities that they will get even while studying. There can be many accommodation options available to you if you use Amber Student to find suitable accommodation for you. They are offering the easy platform for the students who want variety in accommodation options as you book en-suite or shared apartment just as per your convenience.

So, here we will discuss the checklist for traveling abroad:

1. Get your insurance: Try to pay more attention to your safety as nothing is more important than our own life. You can get your travel insurance and it won’t cost you much and it is worth your money.

2. Arranging your documents and cards altogether: There are so many documents which are important and you may need them while you travel. You cannot miss any of it while traveling. For this purpose, you must make a list of documents that you require while traveling and mark them as soon as you pack them together. If you’re planning on visiting Malaysia and you want to apply for a Malaysia visitor visa, it’s best to check with their requirements first, so you you have everything you need on your list. With this, you left no chance of forgetting your important documents. You can maintain their soft copies too so that whenever you need urgently you can check those soft copies. Many people just hold the documents in physical form and sometimes when they have to show them to someone in a hurry they won’t get it. So, it’s better to click a picture of the documents so that you can always hold them with you.

3. Booking accommodation at a new place: Earlier it was difficult to book the accommodation while sitting in your home country as no such technology was available. But now you can book your accommodation using your any device say mobile phone or laptop in just minutes. You can select from private halls of residences or from shared en-suite as per your requirement. Take enough time to explore the options before making your decision. Don’t panic or confuse make your decision wisely.

4. Efforts to stay connected with your family: As soon as you reach the new country your current mobile number will not work. But you need to stay connected with your family as they will worry that have you reached your destination or not. For this purpose, you can ask about the various international call plans or if someone known is already residing in that country then they can help you in buying a new SIM card, etc.

Don’t forget essentials in your luggage: Packing your luggage is another crucial step in which we panic as there are limits imposed on the weights that we can take. Don’t worry about this and try to pack every essential item with you. Some of them are:

  • Your visa and passport
  • Essential or common medicines
  • Your travel insurance
  • Any cards that you are holding
  • Your phone and laptop charger
  • Earphones, masks, adapters, etc

Make a search for your new destination: Before going there you must search properly about the destination so that you can know in detail what is around or what is available at the nearest. It will be easy for you to explore the things in the new place if you are aware of its surroundings. You must learn about the new culture, languages which are spoken there, etc well in advance.

So, these are the following to-do checklist for you if you are traveling abroad. But your work does not stop here you have can follow some more tips to get fully prepared for your journey:

  • Visit the doctor: You must visit a doctor before going abroad to know in detail about your health. If you are taking any medicines already then take them with you.
  • Converting necessary money: Before going abroad you have to convert the money which you are taking with you. Convert your money in the currency of the new destination. Prepare yourself with all the cards that you have to take with you. Make sure the card you are taking with you facilitates international transactions.
  • Don’t exceed the weight allowed: While packing your luggage make sure that you don’t exceed the weight limits. If you take the excess weight in your luggage at the time of luggage entry they will throw your essential items and it will result in wastage of money. So, to avoid wastage of money pack your luggage within the allowed limits.

So, these are the following tips and checklist which you must follow while you prepare to go abroad. Book your accommodation from Amber Student even if you are looking for a dual occupancy studio.


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