Choosing a dining table for the dining area


How to choose that “one and only” table that will make the whole family gather in the dining room as often as possible?

The choice of a dining table is usually done at the final stage of the kitchen renovation when the installation of the cooking furniture is completed and all that remains is to decorate the interior of the dining area. The choice of a table is always accompanied by a “headache”: a modern dining table is not just four legs and a tabletop, but a special, central piece of furniture that must match the already chosen style. How to not delve into the chaos of styles of tables and find your own as soon as possible?

The size of the dining table depends on the size of the room and the number of people who gather at it every day. The table should not occupy the entire dining room space. How to calculate the required table size? Quite easy! For one person sitting at the table, leave about 25 inches wide and 15 inches deep, and at least 40 inches to the nearest kitchen interior items.

What types of dining tables do you like best? The classic option is a rectangular kitchen table, most often used in city apartments. It is chosen for its ability to be placed against the wall and for its functional benefits. The second most popular is the square dining table, perfect for both small kitchens or large dining areas.

Round dining tables for the dining area are either of small diameter for small places, or large for a large room. Leaning a round table against the wall will not work, but the interior design of such a table shape looks much more interesting, and the absence of corners is an advantage for families with children. The fourth most popular option is an oval kitchen table, which has the advantages of both a rectangular table and a round one.

A fashionable triangular table (yes, there are such tables too) fits perfectly into a corner space with a kitchen couch. For very original kitchens and dining rooms, where furniture is an accent detail of the interior, dining tables of an unusual shape are often chosen.

Countertop material: which is better?

If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique dining table, you should consider investing in a wooden counter top. Not only does this type of table look great, but it is also very durable and will last for many years. Plus, it is a great way to add some character to your home decor.

The second most popular material for dining tables is glass tops. A beautiful glass table fits most interior styles and does not weigh down the general design. Glass can be transparent, colored, mirror, frosted-like, or with patterns.

The third place in this hierarchy is held by stone countertops for the kitchen table. This is an option for expensive and exclusive interiors. You can’t move it to the side, but the general look is truly worth it. Another fashionable material is concrete. A modern concrete countertop provides style, strength and an original interior at a relatively low cost. True, it is rarely seen, but it looks impressive: the heat-resistant and damage-resistant steel worktop is still a curiosity in most interiors.

Another trendy dining table option is one with an acrylic stone top, which looks beautiful in any interior and can also be easily restored. There are many types of shapes, designs and patterns, like ceramic and high-strength recycled plastic countertops.

Dining table colors

Which color of the table is closer to your interior – classic, delicate pastel or eccentric colors? The leaders in popularity are still a white dining table or a solid black countertop. Colored countertops are usually chosen as an accent or for a particular style, such as boho or pop art.

Experts recommend choosing a table size based on the number of family members plus one or two seats for guests. If you have a small kitchen and a large family, it makes sense to choose a table that can be transformed for different occasions.

Design and number of legs

Classic options include dining tables on one leg or, on the contrary, the ones on four traditional legs. The choice of legs depends on preference, interior style and comfort expectations. Too massive legs will prevent one from sliding chairs under the table and take up useful space, while legs in the form of two side racks can stop you from adding seats at the ends.

Anyhow, the table should look harmonious in your room’s interior. That is, a concrete table is not suitable for a delicate provence style, and a light white table on a fancy forged leg is not suitable for an urban interior. Choose dining room tables taking into account the style of the kitchen, even when creating an accent with the help of the table.

When looking for a dining table for a small kitchen, dining room or living room, do not ignore the transformer models. Modern models can be sliding, folding or book-like. One of the popular options is a coffee table that converts into a dining table. Some modern dining tables usually have lockable wheels and even the ability to turn into billiard tables.

If you do not want to even consider the design of a transformer table at all, be guided by visually light models of tables in light shades and graceful legs.

In large kitchens or dining rooms, a large dining table usually plays the role of the center of the composition. This idea is also implemented not only in small kitchens, but also in studio apartments, as a zoning element, and in large spaces, in combination with a kitchen island.

After all this talking, the imperative question we have for you is – have you already found that kitchen table that suits your dining room? If not, NY Furniture Outlets has your back! Shop now and discover the best dining table for your home!


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