Choosing and Preparing to Join the Best Nursing Schools in New York


If you want to become a nurse, you should be ready to provide your employers with sufficient credentials. The only way to prove that you can provide medical care to patients is to attend a nursing college or university and have the necessary documents backing your education. The higher your level of education, the more likely you are to occupy higher-paying positions. Although education is a straightforward process, choosing and getting accepted to join your dream nursing school is a dream come true. Lecturio nursing course can go a long way in helping you have an impressive academic performance.

Certain schools are more respected than others, and for this reason, you are required to go through a rigorous selection process. Afterward, only a few people are accepted, and for you to be among them, you need to be the best of the best. New York is one of the largest states in the US, and it is where most students go to seek some of the best nursing schools. One of the reasons many students prefer joining a nursing program in New York is they hope to secure jobs in this state that offers a higher median wage compared to what nurses in other states receive. Therefore, if you want to book a nursing position in New York, your best bet would be first to join a nursing program in New York.

Choosing the right school to pursue your nursing career is not only based on which one has the cheapest tuition fees or the highest acceptance rate. The right school is the one that offers specialized education so that you gain all-around skills as a nurse. Other factors for you to consider when picking a school include:

  • What are your goals?
  • Which nursing program do you want to join?
  • Do you want to study in a school that is in or near the city?
  • Which schools are most affordable depending on your price range?

Depending on what you decide based on the factors listed above, these are some of the best nursing schools in New York to consider:

1. New York University

This prestigious University is one of the most famous institutions in New York. Although the tuition price is relatively high, you will find that it is worth it considering its state-of-the-art facilities. The readily available resources will help you in your journey to become a highly trained nurse and thus ensure that you get high-paying nursing positions.

2. University of Rochester

The graduate-level courses are diverse, and any student wanting to join the University of Rochester will not experience a shortage of courses. Moreover, the relatively low admission rate ensures that you study with the best in the country. The competitiveness of the selection process will help boost confidence and pride in yourself if your application to join the University gets accepted.

3. Wagner College

You can expect to get a well-rounded education from Wagner College. There are various graduate nursing programs to choose from, perfect for nursing students seeking a university that offers diversity, especially if you are unsure what program you want to attend.

4. Pace University

Pace University should be on your list if you seek an institution with a high NCLEX-RN pass rate. This University will provide you with the best education that will thoroughly prepare you to pass your final year exams and thus prove to your future employers that you are a graduate ready to begin your career in nursing.

5. Adelphi University

The field of nursing is constantly faced with an increasing demand for specialized nurses. If you want to have a certification for a specific niche in medicine, you should consider applying to Adelphi University. This institution provides an opportunity for students to specialize in fields that will set them apart from other nurses. Moreover, the high admission rate gives most students a chance to qualify for a nursing program.

6. Molloy College

This college has one of the highest acceptance rates of 77%. Although the acceptance rate is attractive, it is not the only reason to consider Molloy College. This college offers multiple programs for different nursing specialties.

New York is one of the states in the US with a high cost of living. Therefore, you should expect nursing schools to be relatively pricier in New York than in other rural states. However, the prices are worth the education. Thus, you can receive quality schooling to help you become a nurse ready to handle any medical issue a patient exhibits.

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