Cloud Service Management – Best Practices in 2022

Cloud services are enjoying growing popularity among small, medium, and large enterprises. Below we present the best practices for optimal management of cloud services. Thanks to them, you can keep your data efficient and safe!

Cloud Services – Best Practices in 2022

Cloud services are top-rated. Therefore entities using this type of solution are exposed to many risks related to such services. Very often, however, it turns out that possible security breaches are not related to the negligence of the entity providing cloud services but to the lack of appropriate resources on the part of the recipient of the service.

Aligning compliance requirements with the functions of cloud services

One of the most important considerations in managing cloud services is aligning compliance requirements with the functions of the cloud. It is primarily about the optimal planning of controlling access to the cloud. Each entity that uses specific data has the opportunity to use it, but at the same time – so that it is not every employee of the company, especially if they do not need specific data to work.

Constant monitoring is essential.

Continuous monitoring of data flow in the cloud is critical to maintaining the security and functionality of cloud services. This applies to new employees or employees who leave the company and to trust people who remain at high levels. It often happens that the loss of data security in the cloud does not result from deliberate action but neglect or ignorance.

Control of access to cloud services

The ongoing control of access to cloud services is another critical issue regarding using the cloud in the company. Each new employee should have access to the resources they need to perform their job, and at the same time, there is no need to grant them access to unnecessary resources in their daily work. Also, people who have changed their workplace and no longer use certain information in the cloud should lose access to it.

Employee education

Another significant issue in the management of cloud services is the regular training of employees in data security and the correct use of information in the cloud. It is the only way to be sure that the data will be safe and that the people who use it do it correctly.

Testing matters

Maintaining optimal settings and training employees is essential, but we won’t know if our actions are practical until the attack begins. Of course, we do not encourage you to target yourself with hackers deliberately, but carrying out a test “cyber attack” can bring many benefits and show what needs to be improved.

Managed cloud services is a complete task that must be carried out reliably and regularly. It is the only way to protect yourself, and indirectly also your customers, from accidental data leakage and other dangerous situations.