Cohen’s Store Tips in Finding the Furniture That Will Best Fit Small Spaces


It is hard to live in a home that is short on space. Sometimes it doesn’t fit your style. The downside of living in a small space is you can’t find the right furniture that will make the place artistic without overdoing things.

Here are some strategies and furniture that will make the most of your small space. The ideas will also go beyond using the small sofa as your dining chairs.

Revealing the Mystery of Hidden Storage

It is normal for a small space or apartment to look cluttered. It is because there is not enough space for storage, and the items will most probably end up piling in every corner of the room. Sometimes adding visible storage such as boxes, baskets, and jars are solutions but often adds up to the problem.

The best solution for you is to have hidden storage. Mysteriously hiding some of the items behind doors are bright ideas to cover up. It can give your small space a minimalist and clean character. This strategy can also highlight some of the items in your home, like a painting on the wall.

One Furniture, Multiple Functions

If you are living in a small space, the furniture must have at least more than one purpose. Make sure to buy furniture with multiple functions. The last thing that you want to have in your small space is an obstacle course of furniture. To avoid these mishaps, you can browse sites such as Cohen’s Furniture store so you can better choose for yourself.

Sticking to the basics can be a big help in letting you enjoy your small space. But sticking to basics doesn’t mean that you have to live in an empty apartment. There are pieces of furniture that have multiple jobs. Here are some of the multifunctional items that you could use:

  • Consider using an ottoman that opens up and can be a storage space in the living room. Also, an ottoman can function as a coffee table or just for extra seating.
  • Choose a coffee table that has drawers. They can function as storage for any reading materials or remote. Also, select a coffee table that has open shelves. It can also serve as bookshelves or just for displays.
  • Using a sofa table can maximize space as well. It can serve as a desk, an entryway table, or a makeshift dining table.
  • Using stools as a side table can be a grand idea as well. You can also use it as extra seating whenever you have additional guests.
  • If a 30-inch-high bookcase doesn’t cloud up your space, you can use it as extra shelving for all the books and ornaments for display.
  • Add a bench. It can be a dining chair, or even storage benches can be both for seating and storing purposes.
  • For the bedroom, you can consider purchasing a bed frame that will also work as storage. Acquire a bed frame with storage drawers. With proper folding and arrangement, it can function as your dresser.

Here are some recommended picks from Cohen’s Furniture store for small spaces

Ironing Board Turned Mirror

Pressing boards can also transform into a freestanding and full-length mirror. All you have to do is tilt it, then latch the mirror in place. Boom, you got yourself a multi purpose ironing board! You can now press your clothes plus at the same time see yourself with it’s mirror. The dual functionality is space-saving since, typically, these two things (iron board and mirror) separately consume space.

Sofa Bed Rocks

A Sofa Bed is a practical example of space-saving furniture that’s extremely well-known to all customers. Sofa beds are indeed space savers by serving a two-way role and generates the best results when it comes to style and comfort. They combine both stylish and economic presence in your space because of their broad range of designs and styles. They allow you to pick an appealing piece to display which matches your theme.

Many sofa beds are also manufactured with a storage function. You can keep any of your belongings in a more organized way. A Sofa bed is also not bound only to your living space; You can put it in your bedroom or outdoor lounges. Actually, You can put it anywhere where you want to sit and relax. Since they have dual purposes, a sofa bed is built durably to last for several years.

Transforming Land Peel

Land peel is a piece of furniture exhibited by an industrial design student from Japan. It’s a three-piece flat mat that eventually transforms into a seat and table through lifting its panels. The incredible thing about it is, you can simply hide it when not in use.

It is ideal for many recreational activities like reading, watching television, or merely lying down and sleeping. The land peel furniture comes in handy since it effectively saves spaces and acts as a multifunctional furniture. Form a table, drink tray, back rest, foot rest, and even a pillow by flipping and folding.

Reflect On It

Try decorating your space with a mirror. Mirrors can help in creating an illusion that space is bigger. Instead of hanging an artwork above the fireplace, try using a decorative mirror.

Using metallic ornaments such as trays and bowls can contribute to bringing extra light to your space. Also, when selecting painting colors, make sure to choose a light color palette. It helps in reflecting the light and its aid in creating a vast space, unlike dark paint colors that will absorb the light.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

After choosing the right furniture that will fit your small space, now it is time to do magic. Never forget that accessories and designs can add up to the positive vibe of your house. Having too many things and items in a small room can look messy. However, with proper organization, it will create a clean space. Also, add only a few throw pillows that will not cover your sofa. Getting artistic is the key to balancing everything.

Takeaway and Credits To Stephanie Cohen

Designing a small space without making it look like a mess is easy. Knowing the perfect furniture that will best fit the small space can also make it easier for you to make it minimalistic. Get it from the experts like Stephanie Cohen from Cohen’s Furniture store. Learning and understanding the basics can help in achieving the desired design without overdoing it.

A native of New York, Stephanie Cohen has lived Interior Design for most of her adult life. After graduating from the prestigious Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, Stephanie embarked on a career in residential and commercial design. A world traveller, Stephanie has drawn inspiration and influence from a diverse group of cultures and countries. Her style has been described as clean with an opulent flair. Check out her designs and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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