Common types of back injuries from a car accident!

In a car accident, the most common injury is back injury. Sometimes, back injuries can be really serious, and the victim has to go through a lot of suffering. The treatment for back injuries also is so expensive and costly. In most cases, full recovery from a back injury is not possible and takes a long time.

You do not have to bear the treatment costs of a back injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence. Suppose someone else is responsible for a car accident and your injury. Then according to Canadian law, they are responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

In this writing, we will discuss the common types of back injuries from a car accident. So keep reading!

5 Most Common types of back injury:

Our back span of our body is made of ligaments, tissues, muscles, and bones. Bone, muscles, and all these things are internally connected to each other. The ligaments and the tissues are connected from the neck to the pelvis. So any injury to any of these parts can cause fatal pain and restriction in mobility.

Various kinds of back injuries can happen from a car accident. Some common types of back injury include:

  • Back strains:

Back strains are also referred to as a lumbar strain. This can occur when the tissues and ligaments of the back part are damaged. Sometimes, due to heavy weight lifting, abnormal pressure to the tissues can cause an unnatural stretch in the tissues due to back strains. Pain in the back and mobility problems are the most common in back strains.

  • Back sprains:

Like the back stains, sprains also occur when the back tissues and ligaments are damaged. But generally, in back sprains, the ligaments are affected. When there are abnormal stretching and tearing in back ligaments, then you will feel enormous pain in the backside of your body, which calls back sprains.

  • Bone fractures:

Bone fracture in the spine is also known as compression fractures. This has occurred when there are tiny cracks in the bone of the back spine. This kind of fracture can have serious consequences. In most cases, the victim has to suffer enormous back pain and breathing problem. In some cases, a tiny fracture also leads to permanent spine damages.

  • Lumbar vertebrae damage:

Lumbar vertebrae are basically the lower backbones of our bodies. This bone can be affected by various kinds of fractures. Among them, flexion and extension fractures are the most common. When the back of the bone stays in place but the front of the bone breaks or cracks, we call it flexion fractures.

In some cases, the backbone pulls apart due to a car accident or heavy injury. They are pretty common the head on crushes. In such cases, extension fractures occur. Sometimes, the backbone bends to the breaking point, which causes persistent pain in the whole body and breathing problem.

  • Herniated discs damages:

This is one of the most common injuries that is occurred from a car accident. Due to huge pressures and forces on the herniated discs in a car accident or any other way can damage this disc. This herniated disc is located alongside the back spine.

If somehow this disc gets damaged, then you will feel persistent pain in your back. This type of damage can also cause trouble in your mobility. Eventually, this pain can be radiated to the backside of your body and the whole body.

Causes of back injury from a car accident:

There are different types of car accidents which are responsible for the car accident. Among them, the most common is rear-end collision or head-on collision. In these types of accidents, there are some side impacts of the crushes, and the body tries to absorb the force of the collision.

So, when these types of accidents happen, the victim is thrown out of the car. Sometimes, the impact of the accident can lead to a serious back injury. And back injuries can cause enormous pain, breathing problems, mobility troubles, and sometimes permanent damages.

Treatment of back injury from a car accident:

After a car accident, the first thing one needs to do is, identify the injuries. So it is so important to go through a medical checkup and proper medical diagnosis. Thus one can know what exactly the injury is. Sometimes, some soft tissue of our body is injured, but it didn’t show up before the 48hours of the accident.

So no matter how big or tiny the accident was. One should definitely go through a full medical diagnosis to identify the injuries. Then they should start the treatment as early as they can. Some injuries take a long time to recover. If so, then take your time to get the full recovery.

Back injuries treatment may include:

  • Surgical intervention
  • Physical therapy
  • Steroids treatments
  • Chiropractic care
  • Prescription pain medicine
  • Broken bones treatment to heal and many more

Compensation of back injury from a car accident:

When you claim for a settlement for injuries to your insurance company, try to give you recovery money or the compensation of your lost assets. The compensation from the insurance company depends on the incident and the injuries.

All cases and situations are different from others. So the compensation also differs from each other. Other than these, compensation will depend on certain factors. You will be entitled to ask for compensation if you have the following:

  • Lost income (due to back injuries from the car accident)
  • Pain and sufferings from that injury
  • Mental traumas
  • Emotional distress from the injury and many more

The bottom line:

Nowadays, a car accident is becoming so common worldwide. Besides, the injuries from a car accident are also becoming so common. And among them, back injury is one of them. If you know what is considered as back injuries and whatnot, it will help you in the process of claiming settlements.

If you are ever involved in such injuries, then do not waste your time claiming your worth. The party responsible for that injury and accident will compensate for all the losses you had. So hopefully, you have enjoyed the above writing about the common types of back injuries from a car accident.