Comparing a Structural Survey to a Snag List


A snag list is not a structural survey but is a list for new home buyers that covers minor issues with the home that the developer or builder needs to fix or handle before the sale closes. In most cases, when you buy a new build, you have protection with a structural guarantee or building guarantee, giving you protection for 10 years against significant structural problems. Even if you sell the new home, the new purchaser of it is also covered. With minor issues these fall under the snag list. It is important to handle all outstanding issues before final payment. In some cases, it might be suitable to allow the sale to continue on the understanding the snag list work is all carried out. A snag list does not need to come from a professional, unlike a structural survey London.

Both are not mandatory

Neither a snag list nor a structural survey is mandatory but they are a very good idea. Any new home buyer should have a snag list for the home, it can be something they draw up themselves or it can be done by a chartered surveyor London or a professional engineer. A list from a professional is going to be more comprehensive because they will notice more minor faults that an inexperienced home buyer might not spot. Professionals are also more likely to demand a higher quality finish in that work.

Save money at a later date

If you neglect issues at this stage it will cost you money to fix them later on when you have moved in. That could add up to more money than you wanted to spend, especially when you are buying a new build, which should not need a lot of work done. Hiring a professional chartered surveyor London ensures you catch everything and are not caught having to fix minor issues that should not be your problem.

Use a specialist if there are new technologies in the home

When it comes to modern electrical systems, heating systems, renewable energy systems and such it is better to call in a specialist in those areas to give you a report on their condition. This is in addition to the structural survey London or the snag list you ask for.

Key points to remember

  • A structural survey is carried out by a qualified surveyor. It is an inspection from which they draw up a report for either the homeowner or the buyer.
  • A lender’s survey is not the same as a structural survey. A lender’s survey is just a valuation of the property by the bank.
  • A structural survey highlights issues with the property and is especially needed with older buildings. It highlights major and minor issues, what needs repairing, replacing and maintenance needs.
  • With the information in a structural survey, a buyer can make a more informed choice about whether to purchase, or whether to negotiate on the price.
  • A snag list is not the same as a structural survey. It lists minor issues and tends to be something completed for buyers of newly built homes.
  • Before you buy a new home your builder or developer should take that list and finish it. A snag list is not suited to older homes where there are going to more issues, not just minor ones.


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