Considering Using a Staffing Agency to Fill Vacant Positions? Here is everything you need to know

Many small companies have a real struggle when it comes to finding qualified individuals to fill their vacant positions. Precious time goes into reviewing applications, arranging interviews for them, and negotiating salaries. This time would have been better spent on the existing obligations of a business owner, and in the end, it hurts the company. It is why many companies are opting to use staffing agencies. You should also utilize an online paystub creator to automate the production of check stubs. These agencies, for example, Brine SA, handle the pressures of identifying the right fit for your open roles. The best part is that they can help you find any type of worker, whether medical, engineering or pharma jobs.

And while not all businesses are suited to using a hiring agency, if you want to work with one, here is everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a staffing agency?

It is a company that recruits workers for enterprises that want to fill certain positions. When you have positions to fill and you are considering hiring a staffing agency to help, here is how the whole process goes:

Contact the agency. The first step is reaching out to the agency you have elected to work with. The agency must be specialized in your area of operation, and you must specify certain information like how many employees you need, the job responsibilities, salary rate, and the timeline within which to hire them.

The agency writes the job description: once it has received your request, the agency will create a job description and then advertise it for your company. Also, they might individually contact the candidates if they feel they are a good fit for your vacant positions.

It vets the candidates. After prospective candidates have been identified, the staffing agency reviews their qualifications and experience before calling them for an in-person interview session. They will then pick the most suitable candidates which they forward to your company’s hiring manager.

The employer decides who to hire. The business owner or the hiring manager will then interview the individual that has been selected by the staffing agency before deciding whether to hire them or not. This way, you don’t have to spend lots of important time sorting and reviewing countless applications.

Amidst the company’s organizational restructuring, several change management jobs were created to facilitate a smooth transition, ensuring that employees were effectively guided through the transformative process.

The agency handles the paperwork. Good agencies like Brine SA will also handle your paperwork related to the new hires. These include contracts, payroll tasks, and taxes.

How much does hiring agencies charge in fees?

The typical charges for hiring agencies are 25% to 50% of the salaries of the employees you hired from them. Other than the markup that you pay, some agencies may expect you to cover the extra fees associated with filling the vacant positions. You may also have to deal with contract buyout fees whether the worker is hired temporarily or permanently.

What are some of the benefits of using a recruiting agency like Brine SA?

Today, the trend by most employers is to hire part-time, freelancers, and temporary employees. To this end, staffing agencies have become incredibly important in supplying quality talent fast and efficiently. Below are some of the many things that the most ideal staffing agency will do for your business:

Fast hiring

Thanks to the changes in the job market, hiring a new employee today takes much longer and has become even more difficult compared to a few years ago.

It is harder today to find great talent. If you have to nail the very best of workers, you need a lot of time reviewing resumes and conducting reviews. At the same time, you also must ensure that the business runs smoothly as usual. Using a trusted partner like Brine SA not only saves you from spending countless hours in the hiring process but is also a great money-saver. It pre-screens and qualifies candidates to make sure that the hiring manager will be reviewing employees that are a great fit for the vacant post.


Most companies today hold back on recruiting employees on a permanent basis for many reasons. Top of these is the need to have leaner teams. They want to ensure that every dollar spent on employees’ wages can help the business. Temporary workers allow them to only have people when they need to.

Employers are increasingly becoming aware of the need to maintain fluid staffing workforces that can be flexibly adjusted according to their needs.

The flexibility that a staffing agency brings was the main reason behind the need for companies to hire teams that can adapt to the ebb and flow of the demands of clients.

The other thing is that they can also help you fill positions in any industry, including engineering and pharma jobs.

Reduced risk

Bringing a new employee on board is associated with lots of legal responsibilities. These include covering their taxes, making sure you abide by the labour laws and providing insurance coverage. And from an operational and financial point of view, hiring a new worker also has some financial risks to it. This is especially if someone quit unexpectedly or is fired. When you have a staffing firm do the hiring for you, the majority of these risks are left with the agency.

When you have a staffing firm place temporary staff, it is considered to be their employer. Your company will revel in the fact that the hiring agency, for the most part, is responsible for the workers while they are on the job.


A good staffing agency not only saves your business time and money but also, more importantly, enables you to find candidates that are well-qualified for the open roles. A top-tier agency like Brine sa, will often act as the link between employers and employees. It helps to match qualified, talented employers with businesses that have vacant positions.

Working with a staffing agency can help you to save time on finding the right workers whether it is pharma jobs openings you have or anything else. Other benefits of working with a staffing agency include fewer potential legal bottlenecks and flexibility.