Converting Your Word Files Into PDF For Free Using Gogopdf


Creating a document using your Microsoft word can sometimes be more comfortable than editing an individual PDF file. But the same as the other software Microsoft Words has also cons on why you should never use them to send your files to others and why many choose to use PDF file format in sharing their documents with other people.

You can use a conversion tool online to convert your PDFs into another format or convert another document format into PDF. You can do more things with your PDFs if you use tools designated for your PDFs. The tools made for your PDFs are straightforward to use.

Converting your Word file format into PDF file Format

Some platforms are available online because they are web-based, and they offer tons of tools like the online Word to PDF converter. Like the Gogopdf, this platform provides all users, from youngsters to adults, the straightforward means and are for free. They won’t require every single user payment for their tools.

Converting your documents from one format to another format is now more comfortable. Gogopdf, all you need is an internet connection and any device that can properly connect with your internet; it has its web-browser whether you are using your mobile phones or laptops. The running developer is either MAC or windows.

Steps: Convert your Word files into PDF

You have to search for the Gogopdf in your web browser and look for the right tool you would like to use for the problem you are facing. When you found the right tool, like the conversion tool, you can automatically upload your desired document to convert and wait for a few seconds to finish converting.

When the conversion finishes, you can save your newly converted file in any way you want. Either downloading it into your devices to save it directly into your device or saving it into your cloud or google drive so you can open it using other devices. Users can also share their newly converted files in their email or just by copying the URL.

These are the straightforward steps you should do to convert your documents using the Gogopdf platform. Don’tDon’t worry. They won’t charge you if you use their tool. But they offer premiums with lots of benefits within it, but they won’t pressure any user to avail of the bonus.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is usually called MS Word, Word, or Winword. This processor is designed by the company Microsoft. It is one of the products designed for office work and developed by Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie. Microsoft introduced Microsoft Word in 1983, and it is available on some operating systems.

Microsoft Word allows the users to create their documents professionally.

Microsoft lets you create documents  like their reports, letters, and even their resumes professionally. Unlike other word processors, Microsoft Word includes a spell checker, grammar checker, and formatting for its text and font; It also supports HTML, images, and many more.

Microsoft Word also allows users to read a particular document or edit it.

When you are reading mode, they provide text tools arranged in columns that are only for reading. While if you are in editing mode, you can edit the word file in any way you want, either adding images, videos, and even diagrams.

You can easily integrate it with other types of Microsoft Office programs.

It makes sharing your documents much more comfortable. For instance, you can import your spreadsheet that was created using Microsoft Excel into your Microsoft word quickly and smoothly.

There are many reasons and explanations as to what Microsoft Word is and why it is the leading word processor available for everyone. Not only that, some articles would explain what you can benefit from using Microsoft Word as your word processor and the other type of word processor.

What is PDF, and why do many people choose to use PDF for file sharing?

PDF is known to be the Portable Document Format. Instead, this format makes every user’s documents easily accessible, whatever the device they are using. The PDF file format was created in 1991 by Adobe co-founder Dr. John Warnock.

Business people also use PDF files to secure their files because PDF files can be password protected using the available tools online and with the platforms that offer these tools, for instance, the Gogopdf. Securing your files is a must, especially that there are thousands of hackers around the world who want to steal information.

Users can also compress PDF files in a smaller file size, which means you don’t have to worry anymore about your device’s storage as they offer every user a tool for large PDFs. These are just some of the PDF documents’ explanations and why you should use them. There are more reasons for you to look.


Converting your documents into whatever format you want is sometimes essential. That is why choosing the right platform to offer you the high quality of converting your documents is a must. Gogopdf is available online and will help you with every problem you face with your PDFs.


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