Creating a Well-Organized Menu with VistaCreate

The menu is obligatory for any venue offing meals and beverages, but the crucial point is its formatting. To reach some great results, you need to consider general and specific aspects, conditions your place exists in, and modern tendencies. But how do you keep an eye on all those points and save time? VistaCreate can help you with this issue, offering you a free menu maker.

How a good menu looks like

The term “good menu” is not something specific, providing you with the criteria of the optimal size, colors, and fonts you have to use. It’s about correspondence with all the factors of the context. The main general rules say a menu should be:

  • composed of a decent variety of meals and drinks according to the cuisine type;
  • comfortable to hold and move;
  • readable, considering all the specificities of colors, fonts, and interior illumination;
  • relevant according to how a menu was changing over time.

The points except for the first and last refer to the visual appearance and play the same significant role as the others. To reach the golden mean in balancing these four criteria, people use various creative means, and templates are one of them.

Why using templates is an advantage

Menu templates consist of menus people have used or created on demand and posted as possible variations. Of course, it’s not the best solution to use it with all the specificities of formatting that the template has, but it can serve another goal.

The main value of the templates is being an example. They reflect modern tendencies, people’s preferences, and modifications in fashion. Thus, using a template, you can:

  • understand better what formatting is the most convenient for some restaurant types;
  • realize the fashion directions relevant for the current moment;
  • inspire, looking at how others use variations of imagery, fonts, and text to provide the balance between all the content elements.

Finally, if you already have a concept in your head or some rough cut of a future menu, looking through the templates and exploring details can help you find that missing element for the final model.

How to create a menu in the VistaCreate editor

Creating a menu in the VistaCreate editor can be fast or long, depending on the option you choose (to make it from scratch or use a template). But the process will be simple and pleasant due to an intuitively developed interface allowing to search and edit at the same window. If you prefer to investigate the libraries before starting the creative work, there’s an option of adding to favorites. Adding your custom elements is also possible and free, as you upload them to the system, which saves them for further editing sessions.

A good menu can considerably impact the whole look of your place, so you should pay attention to all the details, including visuals. VistaCreate facilitates this process, making it easy to conduct and free of charge. So don’t hesitate to use your chance to benefit!