Customs Duties for Delivery to Poland from the USA


When sending goods from America to Poland, it is important to know the customs duties, taxes and fees involved. However, going through these customs processes can be quite difficult, but with enough knowledge and advice, shipping will be easy. 

Polonez America can help you with the delivery, but there are lots of other staff to be aware of. This quick guide provides a comprehensive guide on customs duties for delivery to Poland and essential customs advice for shipping to Poland.

Understanding Customs Duties, Taxes and Fees

  • Tariffs: These are duties imposed on goods shipped across international boundaries. These rates depend on the nature of the item in question as well as its declared value. For transit through Poland such tariffs are computed using Harmonized System (HS) codes which categorize goods.
  • VAT: The Value Added Tax (VAT) applies to most imports in Poland. The standard VAT rate is 23% in Poland; however, some products may have reduced rates or exemptions. VAT is calculated based on the entire cost of the product, including shipment insurance charges.
  • Fees: Additionally there may be additional fees on custom handling charges paid processing fees as well as special duties on certain goods. These fees are generally set by Polish customs authorities based on the type of goods being transported.

Key Points On Customs Duties For Delivery To Poland

Value Declaration

Ensure that all the items you are shipping indicate their true worth. Declaring less than reality just so that one can pay less duty may result in penalties and delays.

Right Documentation

All necessary documentation should accompany your consignment to Poland. Typically, this includes a commercial invoice, packing list and any other permits/certificates required for specific commodities.

Harmonized System Codes

Assign correct HS codes to each item you are sending out of your country. These codes help determine relevant duty rates while also facilitating compliance with applicable customs regulations.

VAT And Duty Computation

Know what VAT rate applies to your products together with any import or export tax that you have been levied with regard to them beforehand, hence avoiding surprises.

Customs Advice for Shipping to Poland

Use a Customs Broker

You may consider hiring a customs broker if you are new to the customs process. They can help with documentation, compliance and communication with customs thus making it smoother.

Study Regulations

Familiarize yourself with custom regulations that pertain to your specific products. There are specific requirements or restrictions on some items.

Preparation for Inspection

Polish Customs may also conduct examinations on such consignments. Make sure your goods are packed securely and include a clearly stated list of all items and values so as not to hold up any inspections.

Paying Customs Fees

Set aside adequate money to settle any duty charges, taxes, and fees upon reaching Poland. Also, ensure the receiver is aware of these possible expenses. Good luck!

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