Design Tips to Help Your Home Look Bigger


Your home doesn’t need to be a mansion for you to live like royalty. Homes and apartments that are short on square footage can still be a wonderful place to live and grow your family. The key is to open the space with light and innovative floor plans to help your space feel bigger.

Smaller homes have some big advantages. Your energy bills are lower, your home insurance quotes will be cheaper and there is less room for clutter to accumulate. If you are moving to a smaller place and are worried about your home feeling and looking cramped, there are a few things you can do to give your home a larger look.

From adding mirrors to reflect the light to investing in functional furniture that serves more than one purpose, it’s possible to make the smallest home feel huge. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you make your small home look larger. Meanwhile, if you’re on a tight budget, buying high-quality gebrauchte mobilheim is also a good idea.

Light Colors

Dark rich colors are certainly dramatic but can be overwhelming in a small space. To give your home a more airy feel, keep your color palette light. Neutral colors or white will help to reflect the natural light in your home and make your rooms seem bigger.


Mirrors are not only a great decor choice, but they help to reflect light around your home. They can also give the illusion of much more space. A room that has a mirrored wall will look twice as large as it is in reality. Mirrors can be used as decorative focal points or in darker areas like hallways to bring light into the area.

Floor to Ceiling

If you can’t get the area measurements that you want you can take advantage of the height of your rooms to make them look bigger. Embrace the floor-to-ceiling method of decorating to give your room a larger look. Curtains, wall decor, and shelving should reach from the ceiling right to the floor for the best effect.

Functional Furniture

With a smaller home, you will have to make wise choices with your furnishings. Large overstuffed furniture will take up too much space and make your room look crowded. Choosing a sleeker modern style for your couches and chairs will give you the room that you need without sacrificing square footage. You can also use furnishings that serve more than one purpose like a stylish ottoman that can be used as a footstool or a coffee table.


In small homes, you don’t want to fill every corner with clutter. Keep your things organized by using shelving, decorative crates, and baskets. Your decor should stay within the minimalistic style to give your rooms a more organized and airy feel.


If you have large windows take advantage of the space by not covering them with shutters, blinds, or heavy draperies. Use a sheer drape or fabric blinds that will allow natural light to bleed through and open up your space.

Smaller homes can be comfortable and cozy without feeling crowded. Follow these tips to help you decorate your small home and make it look and feel larger.

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