Differences across slot games types

These days slot gamblers looking to spin the reels on their favourite UK slots have got a pretty outrageous amount of choice before them, with literally thousands of games available to play from the click of a button online, and many more out there in real life. The way the industry has expanded is absolutely incredible, especially when you consider the fact that there were only a handful of different slot machines all the way until the 1950s and 60s. Oh how Charles D. Fey would be surprised at the current state of the slot machine industry. This man was responsible for the development of the world’s first properly commercial slot games machine, the Liberty Bell slot, but we’re pretty sure he didn’t envision this level of success for the offspring of his creation – especially those that reside online!

Back in the late 1800s Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine was pretty much the only game type available to slot gamblers, a very simple three reel slot machine with not much else too it. For decades after his machine would slowly end up proliferating across California, however due to the fact gambling was still illegal the progress was slow, and that meant that people were reluctant to put money into creating new versions of the successful game. This all changed when gambling was legalised, however, and before long there were many different types of slot machine available. One of the biggest developments in the 20th Century was that of progressive jackpot slot machines, a type of slot game that whipped people into a frenzy due to the huge cash prizes on offer from them. The invention of video slots in the 80s provided even more different types of games, but then online slots came along in the very early 21st Century and blew the whole market wide open. Read ahead for some different slot game types.

Online slots

If you are going to be spinning the reels of a slot game in 2020 chances are you will be playing one of the many online slots available on the Internet these days, as this is undoubtedly the most popular type of slot game you can play. And there is really no surprise there either, because online slots are remarkably good these days, with developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming constantly battling it out to see who can attract the most players to their games.

The great thing about online slots, as we will see as we get further through this article too, is that they are so inherently customizable due to the fact that they are completely made of computer programs. Whilst physical state slots are constrained by what developers can and can’t do on a physical machine, online slots can pretty much harbour any kind of creative idea possible.

Traditional slots

Traditional physical state slot machines have been around since the late 1800s, and in their lifetime they have changed a lot, always looking to attract more gamblers to the cause. Whilst the first traditional slot was Charles D. Fey’s pretty rudimentary Liberty Bell slot machine, these days you can play some pretty complex physical slot machines due to the emergence of video slots.

Oh yes, in the 1980s video slots first came about due to the discovery of the RNG – Random Number Generator – and it completely changed the game for slot developers. Suddenly they could include much more expansive bonus rounds, and it also began to pave the way for online slots.

Progressive jackpot slots

Now, if we’re talking about exciting types of slot games, they don’t really come much more exciting than progressive jackpot slots, because the pay outs from these games are nothing short of outrageous. Many people would have heard of the iconic Las Vegas Megabucks machines, slots that came out in the 1960s, and have paid out well over a million dollars on a number of different occasions.

For a long time these were the only real progressive jackpot slots available, but after the online slot explosion there are now countless ones to consider. Moreover, some developers like Microgaming have established bona fide progressive jackpot networks, meaning that the jackpot prize can end up being absolutely huge.

Megaways slots

Over the past decade we have started to see quite a lot more Megaways online slots, mainly because the technology is getting easier and easier to implement. Whilst most online slots have a maximum of 50 pay lines, Megaways slots can offer an outrageous amount of ways to win, with a number that can regularly exceed 100,000.

Big Time Gaming are one of the main developers responsible for Megaways technology, with games such as Bonanza that have captured the excitement of countless gamblers all around the world.

Vintage online slots

As fantastic as the modern online slot industry is, there are many of us who are still pining for the days of vintage slot games like you would find in Las Vegas casino halls back in the 1960s. However, luckily enough for these people, online slot developers have recently overseen a resurgence in vintage online slots, and it seems as though UK slot gamblers just cannot get enough.

There is no surprise either when you play games like NetEnt’s incredibly popular Mega Joker, a vintage style online slot that also combines the chance to win a seriously hefty amount of cash due to a progressive jackpot and ludicrously good RTP.

Modern 5 reel online slots

If you log onto an online casino and play one of the first online slots you see these days, chances are it is going to be a standard 5 reel slot game with wild and scatter symbols. This is the blueprint that it seems most developers have settled on these days, and it also seems as though it is paying off handsomely, as more and more gamblers are flocking to the online slots market.

The great thing about a 5 reel modern online slot is that they can also come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, with a variety of different bonuses and special symbols!