Different Housing Facilities in Fort Worth


Are you looking for a new home in Fort Worth? There are several housing facilities in the city which you can choose from, depending on your needs and preferences.

The article talks about some of the most popular housing facilities, like the Tower Fort Worth.


Towers are the most popular housing facilities in Fort Worth. According to reports, there are about 4,000 units in Fort Worth alone.

The Tower in Fort Worth is a good option for buyers who want proximity to the city’s major amenities. It is a 35-story building located in downtown Fort Worth converted into a residential building in 2000.

You can reasonably gain a high return on investment since most towers are located near commercial districts and busy business centers.

Apartments and Condos

According to a realtor, there are 2,822 active homes for sale in Fort Worth, Texas, for an average of 46 days on the real estate market.

These are also popular housing facilities in Fort Worth. There are a total of about 3,600 units scattered across the city.

Since they are located in different areas, you can find units that fit your needs and preferences. In addition, you have choices from classic houses to modern condos with all the amenities you will ever need in your home.

Duplexes and Townhomes

There are about 220 units scattered all over Forth Worth, with around 70 percent of them located in the Denton Drive part of town.

It’s a good housing facility for buyers who are on a budget or young professionals who will be working in the area. Duplexes and townhomes are great housing facilities with everything one might need for a comfortable life.

Single-Family Homes

It is one of the popular housing facilities in Fort Worth. Seven thousand homes are available in the city, with around 90 percent being single-story properties.

According to data, around 31 percent of the homes are currently under renovation, which is good news for homeowners who want to become part of the community or build their own homes as time goes by.

Farms and Ranches

Farms and ranches are also considered one of the more popular housing facilities in Fort Worth. There are around 4,600 units scattered across different areas, with about 1,700 being currently on the market.

It’s a good choice for individuals who want to have their own space and enjoy living a rural lifestyle. However, they also appreciate having easy access to amenities and other areas.

Mobile Home Parks

It is a popular housing facility in Fort Worth. It’s the second most common type of housing facility, with about 9,000 mobile homes available throughout the city. According to data, there are around 220 parks in Fort Worth where you can enjoy your life on wheels.

University Apartments

If you’re a student and like to enjoy living near your school, apartments near the university might be a suitable housing facility. It’s also one of the most popular housing facilities and has around 3,500 units at present.

Several area options are also available, so you can choose the one you want depending on your preferences and budget.

Senior Housing

According to data, there are about 1,000 senior housing units in Fort Worth with an average size of around 1,200 square feet.

It is a good option for retired adults who want to maintain their independence but still receive support from neighbors and the management.



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