Discover The Outdoor upgrades that make your home more valuable


Your home is the one place you can relax at the end of a hard day. But, it’s not just a place to unwind and de-stress. It’s where you spend time with family and friends. That’s a good reason to upgrade your house.

Of course, if you choose the right upgrades you can also boost the value of your property.

Remember, your property is worth what others are prepared to pay for it, the more attractive or practical the upgrades, the better.

Add An Awning

This is a simple addition. You’ll find the specialists in awnings Sydney will be happy to show you the various styles and colours of awnings available. They can then fit them for you. This provides shade inside the house and gives you protection from the sun or the rain outside. They are exceptionally useful when positioned over your outside seating area.

Outside Seating

If you don’t already have a dedicated outside seating area then you need one. It’s the best way to enjoy meals and drinks outside with family or friends.

If you have a level surface then gravel or paving is a good option. If not, decking is very easy to install and erases any unevenness in the ground.

When you’re creating an outdoor sitting and eating area you should consider adding an outdoor kitchen. They are a great investment.

A Pool

You may not appreciate this in the winter but, as the weather warms, an inground pool becomes a valuable asset to your property. You’ll appreciate diving into the warm waters on a hot day. It makes your yard look more attractive, is surprisingly affordable, and will make your property more attractive as well as worth more.

Tidy the Yard

It may be low down the list but one of the simplest ways to boost the value of your property is to tidy it. Remove all the clutter from the yard and make sure the approach is clean, tidy, and well-presented.

While you’re doing this it’s worth cleaning the doors and windows. If necessary, you can paint them or even replace them. It won’t harm the value of your property.


If your home has painted walls then giving them a fresh coat of paint will transform your home, making it instantly more appealing. This indirectly boosts the value of the property.

Equally, if your property has cladding or exposed brick, make sure it is all repaired. In the case of cladding this can mean replacing it. Brickwork can be repointed. Your home will be transformed.

Add Some Lights

Lighting is essential for every property. The right light will set the tone for the outside, allowing you to entertain or relax, depending on which lighting you choose.

Lights will also guide visitors to your door, making it easier to find you. They look great and, because it’s one less thing for a buyer to do, they make your home more attractive and therefore more valuable.

That’s the bottom line, the less a buyer has to do the more they will be willing to pay for your property.



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