Do You Want an Affair or a Relationship?


No two individuals are the same. Likewise, no two apps are identical. The rising dating trend makes some people believe they can join any app or site without thinking about their goals. It doesn’t happen this way. Every dating site caters to a specific section of people. You need to know why you are there. For instance, if you want to date someone to have a relationship with and marry them eventually, you will benefit from an app where people with such a mindset go.

If you are a Christian, you will have specific pre-determined value systems, which can be your pride. In that case, you will be serious about your relationship goals. You may search for Filipina singles because they are homemakers and believe in their financial independence. However, if you join the same site for a casual affair, it can be a mistake. Faith-based sites are not the place for flings. You should choose other avenues. Some people need help understanding why they should consider these aspects on a dating app. So, let’s address this at once.

Types of affairs

If you notice, the heading mentions affairs and not a relationship. When you seek a relationship, you want to date someone to marry. Women in the Philippines come from a rich cultural background with deep respect for familial bonds. If you exhibit any unusual tendency or trait, you will not benefit. You can be on an app where people meet and break up. Or, their bonding starts with some unusual expectations. For instance, some can be looking for only emotional support. They have a life partner but want to delve into a platonic relationship with someone because of tension or stress.

Some people seek romantic engagement through intimacy and bonding. They can also have a partner. However, they will not hesitate to cheat on them with someone else. Even a one-night stand can be an example of a casual affair where the individuals know about their desires.

What do you want?

Your cultural upbringing and Christian roots may restrict you from giving in to temptations. Due to this, you may search for someone compatible and marry them. If this is your goal, you can be on a faith-based platform where like-minded individuals gather and lead by example. Of course, acceptance and rejection will be part and parcel of the process. Sometimes, you may have to wait longer to find the right person. But others can distance themselves if you act or behave differently on such platforms. They will understand you are not ready to commit; you want to have fun.

Your definition of a romantic relationship can be anything. But it doesn’t change the fact that both parties look for commitment and trust. When you lack in these areas, your efforts don’t materialize. You also risk offending people’s emotions. So, be responsible for your choice. Having a specific preference is different, but you must respect the environment you choose. People from other countries join Filipino dating sites because they value the sentiments of the men and women from the Philippines.

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