Does communal living fit you?


If you already know exactly what coliving means, you probably have different views on it. The first question you’ve probably asked is whether coliving will be for you. If it suits you and if it won’t be more of a problem. After all, it is something new that is still garnering popularity.

Why is coliving so popular?

Today, coliving is a very successful business model for entrepreneurs and investors, because the popularity of this lifestyle is growing rapidly.

This is also because the prices of quality housing are constantly rising and thus an ever smaller handful of the population are able to afford them.

Young people especially, who want to become independent, can have quite a problem with this rising cost.

However, this problem was quite successfully solved by coliving, which is why its rapid development and popularity can be explained.

How do I know coliving is a viable option for me?

This is a question you ask yourself almost immediately. If you became interested in coliving at first sight and are trying to find out more about it, it is quite possible that this is the first indicator that this type of housing is for you and would suit you.

Finding out if coliving will suit you is affected by many factors and you need to answer a few questions to be certain.

We will help you with that, and if your answer is yes, you can discover the best coliving in NYC by visiting the SharedEasy website. We are sure that if you want to use coliving, you will find really good housing through this website. And now let’s see how you can find out if coliving will suit you.

1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

It matters a lot. If you don’t like meeting new people, this lifestyle could be a bit of a problem for you.

The name implies that it is a common, i.e. shared housing, and that if you want to live like a Coliver, you will have to meet new people from time to time, even if you rent a room with a private bathroom and dressing room.

In coliving, there are common areas. If, on the other hand, you are an extrovert and you like new people, then it will be a walk through the rose garden for you, because in coliving you will meet really interesting people who can definitely enrich you. If you’re a light introvert, coliving can make you an extrovert.

2. Do you suffer from safety and cleanliness anxiety?

If so, coliving will suit you. Most coliving companies equip their properties with a camera system that carefully monitors common areas and even the space in the hallway leading to the apartment.

This is a big advantage, because you know that nothing can happen to you and if something should happen, it will be caught on camera.

Of course, the cameras are not in private rooms, bathrooms or toilets, because these are private spaces, but in common areas you are 100% covered, 24 hours a day.

Of course, there are also fire detectors and similar security tweaks, which are connected to the security service or directly to the police. You can easily be sure that safety is taken care of in coliving.

So if you are anxious about safety, then coliving is made for you.

In addition, there is cleanliness, because coliving companies hire special cleaning companies that regularly clean the entire property. So cleanliness is also taken care of.

3. What is your goal in coliving?

If your goal is to develop interpersonal relationships, then coliving is for you, as we have already mentioned earlier. However, your goal may also be that you want to save on housing.

Spending on housing is generally considered to be the highest expenditure of your income and relieving yourself from an expensive rental would really be nice. coliving is great in that the rent is shared among all residents of the property and you therefore pay mainly for your own rented room.

Thanks to this, you can live in a better place and in a better neighborhood.

Price is definitely one of the many factors to consider when choosing coliving as your new lifestyle. However, your goal can be anything, maybe you just want somewhere to put your head down for a transitional short period. coliving is also suitable for that. Answer this question as well because it is very important.

4. Don’t have a sharing problem?

If you have ever lived in a dormitory or had a handful of siblings, coliving will probably suit you or you will at least adapt more easily to this lifestyle.

However, if you are an only child and have never had to share anything, it can be a bit of a problem.

Be aware that in coliving, there is a possibility that someone can eat your favorite food that you left in the fridge.

Although this often does not happen, it is a possibility. It’s also possible that someone will take your place in front of the TV or your favorite desk that you like to work on. In this case, it depends on how willing you are to share not only the common “air” but also other things from time to time.

Of course, coliving also has its own rules, which must not be broken, but remember that you will share common areas with people and breaking of rules can just happen from time to time. That’s why you should provide an answer to whether or not you mind sharing more than just space with other people.

5. How will coliving affect your life?

This is one of the necessary questions. coliving will affect your life in every way.

For one, you will meet new people from whom you will gain new perspectives on life and you may also discover that you are not actually an introvert, but an extrovert. coliving is truly phenomenal if you want to find out the answer to the question of how human you are, because if many people from many different cultures meet in one place, then your true character will always be revealed.

If you want to know that, coliving is for you. If you are afraid of that, you better avoid coliving. Thanks to coliving, you can also make many lifelong friends, so we can guarantee that coliving will be a lifelong experience for you.

Most people rate coliving as a very great experience and many people go on use the lifestyle for years.

We don’t mean that they live in one place all their lives. Thanks to coliving, you have the opportunity to change cities, continents and live wherever you want for a low price, and thus meet not only new people, but also new cultures. coliving is simply a new kind of living that can help you in your life, but whether this way of life is for you or not is up to you. In our opinion, the best way to find out is to just test it.

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