Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind While Travelling


The exciting feeling of the ‘journey’ begins ever since you start packing your travel luggage. Flying off to your dream destination can never get out in words. Only another travel enthusiast can understand the gratifying feelings and emotions you have for this activity. Traveling is not just about getting immersed in the picture-perfect surrounding, but it indulges you in creating beautiful memories.

For would-be travelers, here’s presenting the list of dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind while traveling.

Some Dos While Traveling

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    • Do carry a DSLR or SLR camera with you
    • Do take extra time in identifying the packing essentials
    • Do stay away from suspicious people and vehicles (irrespective of traveling in a group or solo)
  • Do take prescribed medicines, and if you want, you can get CBD products from Delta 8 Wholesale
  • Organize your medicines using a pill organizer. It will help you manage your medication properly while travelling, the ones from Ikigai Cases would be a great option.
  • Do have a cash substitute like checks or even credit cards for travelers
  • Do carry the sufficient amount of money you require (neither more than that nor less than that)
  • Do lock your valuables in your hotel room safely and lock windows & doors while going out
  • Do note down the passport number; if and when it gets lost, you can get a replacement easily
  • Do remember the credit-card numbers & phone number to call when emergencies arrive
  • Do maintain traveling etiquettes like having street food, immersing in local cultures, and being polite & kind
  • Do put a luggage band around the luggage to safeguard against pilferage while in transit
  • Do visit shopping destinations to collect souvenirs
  • Do stay alert for the staged distractions like someone bumping, spilling drinks on you, dropping things in front of you, or even causing loud commotions

Some Don’ts While Traveling

  • Don’t carry more than required cash
  • Do not portray as if you don’t know anything about the place (even if you don’t always consult the map)
  • Don’t carry the backpack, which looks like a luggage
  • Don’t visit the dangerous locations alone; always take the tour guide with you if you consider places unfamiliar & isolated
  • Don’t leave your valuable items in public views like your camera, wallet (passport and credit cards), and phone
  • Do not drive some obvious rental car
  • Do not park the car and leave the valuables inside or at the sight of suspects
  • Don’t keep the vehicle & house or even the hotel keys on the same key ring
  • Do not forget carrying a first aid box alongside
  • Do not leave your medicines at home
  • Do not carry expensive jewelry in an unsafe manner
  • Do not dress in such a way that locals consider you different (it’s travel etiquette)
  • Do not forget to greet the people in a nice gesture
  • If you plan to go hiking, do take your hiking gear and equipment with you
  • Do not forget carrying your selfie stand to take surreal pictures
  • Do not carry one pair of shoes (carry at least two)
  • Do not lose temper in front of the hotel or public (always remember you are in a different city)

Remember, whatever you’re doing in a different city, you’re always a tourist. Never become a tourist offender, thus! Hopefully, these are the dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind while traveling.

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