Easy to use remedies for migraine

The first time I heard of migraine, my uncle described it as an advanced form of headache. I’ll later find this to be true the first time I experienced a migraine. In addition to headache, there was this feeling of nausea and vomiting that came with it.

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Without having to go to the clinic, I have compiled a list of natural remedies you can quickly use in combating migraine whenever you experience it.

While there is an inexhaustible list of natural remedies I have carefully put together the list of remedies that you can easily lay your hands on.

  • Inhale lavender essential oil: the result of a study shows that the inhalation of lavender oil helps to reduce migraine. Simply apply lavender oil to the upper part of your lip or regularly inhale it to reduce migraine pain.
  • Put a menthol solution on your forehead or temple. Menthol is notable for helping to combat migraine, and they are present in peppermint so you can apply peppermint if it is difficult to lay your hands on menthol.
  • Get adequate sleep: lack of adequate sleep could be a reason for the incessant migraine attack you feel. Therefore getting enough sleep but you should also be careful not to sleep too much to avoid waking up with a headache.
  • Do you know you can experience migraines when your body magnesium level is low, this is why you should eat fruits anytime you have a migraine attack. Fruits like almonds, cashew and so on contain magnesium minerals so you should eat them to shoot it up.
  • A reliable alternative to medicine is going for acupressure therapy. Acupressure simply involves the application of pressure to specific body parts to relieve pain. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure is done with the fingers and hands.
  • Get a masseur to give you some great massage. Perhaps your migraine is a result of being overly stressed at work, with a massage your body will be eased off some stress and you will be more comfortable getting a much-needed sleep.
  • If you can put an end to your alcohol consumption, this is the time to reduce it: Alcohol is known to trigger/worsen migraines in people who regularly experience headaches. Beyond the findings of this study, drinking alcohol causes humans to get dehydrated at a faster pace, thereby worsening migraines.
  • Drink ginger tea: ginger is notable for its migraine curing properties. You can simply slice off the skin of the ginger roots and soak in hot water to have ginger tea or just purchase ginger powder and consume.
  • You can also sign up for yoga classes. Migraine is a by-product of stress. And yoga is a great way to relieve yourself of stress.
  • A natural herb called feverfew is being acclaimed by some as effective in treating migraines. Since it has no side effects you can try and see if it will work for you too.