Eat These Foods to Lose Weight


When you’re looking to lose weight and burn fat, your diet is one of the main factors that determine how many pounds you shed after a few weeks or months. Although there are a variety of diets available, there are still some types of food that can promote weight loss. If you want to burn more calories and obtain a slimmer figure, it’s important to begin incorporating a few main foods into your diet each day.

Boiled Potatoes

If you still want to enjoy carbs in your diet, you can add boiled potatoes as a side to your meal. Boiled potatoes are packed with nutrients and have a high potassium content, which many people lack in their diets. They also have a delicious taste and will leave you feeling full to avoid snacking or reaching for more food after your meal. The resistant starch that potatoes contain allows them to be a great food to eat for weight loss.

Whole Eggs

Everyone from bodybuilders to supermodels loads up on whole eggs each day because of their low calories and the protein they pack. They can allow you to feel full for longer to avoid snacking as much throughout the day. You can also feel fuller longer if you eat eggs instead of bagels. 

One of the main reasons why nutritionists always suggest eating more eggs is because they’re nutrient-dense, which is ideal if you’re restricting your calories. They’ll boost your energy levels and can be prepared in a variety of ways to ensure you always find them appetizing.


As a superfood, salmon is one of the best types of protein to eat if you want to feel full and satisfied. It can curb your appetite for several hours and doesn’t contain a lot of calories compared to other types of meat. Not only can it help you lose weight, but salmon is also beneficial for increasing the metabolism and helping the thyroid function properly because of the iodine it contains. It can even reduce inflammation that is present in various parts of the body with the omega-3 fatty acids it contains, reducing the risk of obesity.

If you want to change up your meals throughout the week, you can also designate certain days where you eat out or have food delivered. Salmon is on almost every restaurant menu so it makes a healthy option when eating out. It can be an expensive dish though so look for foodpanda promo codes before ordering on a delivery service. 

Tuna also makes a great snack when you want to increase your protein intake and start losing weight. Look for tuna that is canned in water to avoid extra calories that aren’t necessary. Because of how much protein tuna contains, it can allow you to feel naturally full, even if you add it to a sandwich or salad.

Wrap Up

Eating more foods that promote weight loss is a great way of having variety in your diet and avoid feeling restricted. You can still enjoy plenty of delicious foods without consuming as many servings to ensure you meet your weight loss goals.

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