Eight Design Tips To Create Amazing Commercial Architecture


When you look at architecture design under a microscope, it is an art form that evolves as time passes. And unlike other forms of art, architecture design relies heavily on function over form and requires mathematical precision. The way you construct and design a home leaves an ever-lasting impact on your friends, family, and neighbors, and you become the main topic of the neighborhood talk.

On the other hand, while designing commercial property, you must be unique, engaging, cost-effective, and efficient with your choices. Sure, working with a professional can help you out immensely. Companies like Grounds Maintenance Warwick are providing their exquisite services to turn your area into a remarkable workplace.

A knowledgeable contractor that will make your commercial architecture turn out to be successful. However, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration when designing the commercial architecture of your dreams and something that you want to get the most out of. Here are a few tips that will make your commercial architecture a success.

Go For High-Quality Materials

No matter the purpose, it is vital that you select quality materials to construct the structure. People expect comfort, reliability, and quality, and you have to do your due diligence to deliver them. Timelessness is also essential as the material you use might become out of date and style over time. Look for materials that incorporate finished metals, tempered glass, or rustic woods into interior architecture. Also, consult with a safety expert or a professional contractor to ensure that the materials you select will be safe for long-term use in commercial spaces and will not cause any musculoskeletal or ergonomic injuries.

Don’t Be Afraid To Incorporate New Ideas Halfway

You might come up with new ideas as everything comes together. Or, you might have to re-work some part of the design to add that extra dash of perfection to the project. That’s ok! Changing ideas as construction goes along is a wise decision to ensure the finished design is functional and how you imagined. Hire a professional contractor or visit https://www.hsecontractors.com/ to discuss your concerns regarding your commercial architecture project. As you notice your concerns, share them with the experts. They will provide you with solutions to achieve the best final results. If you want to contact the best provider of industrial architecture design Australia, check out the given link.

Include A Variety Of Shapes 

Commercial architecture once was all about function in the previous decade or so. Now, the incorporation of perspective-bending forms, clean and straight lines, or open spaces is transforming it for the better. For instance, mix circular windows with architectural metal grilles to add a touch of modernization, keeping a more contemporary and vintage look simultaneously. At the end of the day, it is all about playing with unique shapes so that people take a second look in awe when they pass by your commercial property.

Keep Everything Eco-Friendly

With businesses continually being pressured to meet their social and environmental obligations, there is a shift towards eco-friendly design options. With glass already being the hallmark of eco-friendly construction, alterations in window design will lead to more commercial spacing, ditching wood in favor of glass in every commercial architecture element.

For example, consider going for photovoltaic glass instead of traditional glass. It contains solar cells attached directly on top of the glass’s surface. It promotes the regeneration of electricity as more natural light falls on the photovoltaic cells. Talk about a self-sustainable architecture design option!

If you are still hell-bent on using wood instead of traditional timber, go for recycled woods; it harms the environment less. Going for greener energy options will drastically cut down your utility bills in the end.

Juxtaposition Of Glass And Light

Natural light is now a staple for modern commercial architecture. Architects these days always keep this in mind before they begin to design anything. However, things will not be as straightforward as adding large windows and glass wherever you want. It is about the infusion of open spaces and how natural light will come inside to liven up the interior space. It’s about incorporating windows in such a way that they become a part of your commercial design rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. For example, a glass wall building will seem simple to design and construct, but as all architects will tell you, it takes a gifted and talented mind to understand its function.

Open Up The Interior

Nowadays, Feng Shui and wide, open spaces are the norm in western interior design. More people opt for spaces that move away from the age-old boxy-feeling inside an office, Cubicle-based, monochromatic buildings that are now a thing of the past.

However, you will still require the same functionality that a speared space provides. Modern architecture involves blending open and separate areas that look effortless and, most of all, natural. You can accomplish this, for instance, by placing thick glass as space separators instead of boring, old traditional wood partitioning. Moreover, instead of making interior spaces permanent, go for a more modern twist that can quickly transform to fit all requirements.

Let Inspiration Flow Through Your Design

Through the use of color psychology, you can evoke different emotions through various hues. You can spread happiness, calm, peace and promote good conversation through your color choices. Go for neutral colors, brown or gray, to encourage civility and calmness inside your commercial space. In other places such as conference areas or breakrooms, use bolder colors to promote personal motivation and creativity amongst your client’s employees. Colors such as vibrant green, ocean blue, or orange are considered thought-provoking and boost morale and encourage employee productivity. Incorporate them wisely and aesthetically in your design. Discover the impact of color in your relaxation haven in our new post on The Psychology of Color in Interior Design.

Keep Safety Your Top Priority

A commercial building is a disaster if it is not safe for all the people who will use it. It would be best if you did not sacrifice any security safety regulations for appearance’s sake. Keeping that in mind, it doesn’t mean that a safe commercial space will always be a boring one to look at. Ask your contractor, interior designer, and safety specialist to incorporate elements of beauty with safety. If they work together, you will have a beautiful design and keep your workers safe at the same time. Not to mention the end product becoming safe for your clients as well.


We are going through a period of rapid change and innovation. From tech to healthcare, the universe is evolving quickly. The same is the case for architecture. Mixing materials, incorporating unique and abnormal shapes, adding pops of color- nothing should be off-limits.

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