Employee Monitoring Software: Why It Is A Necessity In Modern Business Environment


With the covid-19 pandemic causing all sorts of problems in the business industry, organizations have moved most of their operations online. However, remote working also has its own challenges. Companies have been a force to find alternative ways of employee monitoring.

It is impossible to have a team manager monitor accurately monitor remote employees. Besides, the increase in remote workers is expected to continue post-covid-19. Therefore, it is important to optimize workload and data integrity to ensure productivity, thus the need for employee monitoring software.

Below are some of the ways employers can use the software to monitor employees?

1. Desktop Activity Monitoring Software

It is ethical to monitor employees while working to help you assess how long it takes to perform a task to help in workload distribution.

Employee monitoring software keeps track of productivity levels by monitoring employees as they work. The software is for employees who do most of their work on a PC. It takes screenshots, measures keystrokes density and mouse movements, and translates all the data collected into work activity.

In practice, it makes employees focus on the task and reduce both physical and virtual distractions. This boosts employee productivity by about 20-30%.

2. Website And App Visit History

Proper employee behavior is crucial for business success. Collecting data on which websites and apps employees visit often enables the human resource management to encourage or sanction certain apps or websites depending on the type of worker behavior.

With any of the top 10 employee monitoring software, managers can label apps and websites as productive or unproductive based on worker responsibility and job descriptions. This is a perfect way to ensure worker habit is analyzed to enable smooth conduction of business activities.

3. Employee Attendance Tracking 

Employee tracking is somewhat a sophisticated virtual card punching system that allows the employee to see when remote workers start and finish tasks.

While attendance tracking is a great way to keep a record of how much time an employee takes working, using this option alone leaves out a lot of factors to be desired in terms of analyzing employee productivity levels. Therefore, it is important to ensure the software you have in your business allows for proper measurement of employee productivity levels.

4. Notifications For Undesired Behavior And Idle Time

Employee monitoring software enables active monitoring of employee activities providing you will alerts of misconduct and idle time.

Time is money. To reduce time wastage in the workplace, alerts are sent to employees and management about the long period of inactivity.

In addition, management can implement the software as part of security for internal systems against cyber threats. Management can get alerts in case of unauthorized access from the staff of the company infrastructure. It can become the first line of defense in cyberspace.


The modern business environment requires modern solutions for many business issues. Depending on the industry and business model, every organization will have new challenges to respond to including monitoring tools.

Maintain a high level of employee performance is key for ensuring optimal business success. That is why you need any of the top 10 employee monitoring software for your company for to reach its full potential.


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