Escape Hour: Real-Time Mysterious and Thrilling Escape Rooms Adventures


Real adventures are never exactly like video games. Unless they are those you meet with our escape rooms from real life! You can get them in Calgary, where they’re designed to be a real challenge for our players.

Just imagine a dead-end room. You have no exit unless you work together to find and solve all the puzzles. At first, it could look like a regular space, but it’s only on the surface. After a few minutes, it gets clear that it hides so much mystery and thrilling clues that it’s a challenge to even notice them all!

What’s great about Real Escape Rooms is that you need to overcome all the challenges in real-time with real people. Sure is different than the usual gaming experience where you are isolated in your bedroom! The only way to find out how excited you are is to accept the challenge and play!

Don’t panic if you come across problems. All of our rooms are equipped with emergency exits and are unlocked. So, you can leave right away if you want. Our staff always support you while you’re in the room.

Pick Up Any Role in Escape Rooms at Escape Hour

When escape rooms in Calgary started popping up, only the brave and curious dared to try them out. These days, escape rooms are a cultural phenomenon. They are popular with kids, nerds, players, and all those who love a good challenge. You can work together on a common goal with your friends, create a certain amount of competition with coworkers, or surprise your date with something completely different.

You’ll also find something you can’t easily forget. How many times in your life have you had the good fortune of feeling like a real detective? Here, experience what it’s like to use your knowledge about solving crimes and dismantling an illegal alcohol trafficking ring! Escape Hour Calgary allows you to book your experience in advance to choose the venue and scenarios for the games.

With Escape Hour, you can become a bank robber or astronaut. Not surprised enough? Be ready to meet much more. Not only do you take on this role, but perform it! You have 60 minutes to complete the tasks, and get out of the room. Can you do this? Try out yourself and book a room at Escape Hour right now!

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