Essential Tools & Kit for Furniture Removal


Finally, the time is drawing closer for the spring clean of your life! Never before have you let go of so many items. Truth be told, some of the furniture hasn’t looked as nice anymore for a while, has it? When considering furniture removal you basically have two options: either you haul it out yourself or you call the professionals. 

Despite the fact that a furniture removal service is not expensive at all, quite a lot of people opt for the DIY option. Removal and disposal of furniture can be a daunting task and often required you to rent a roll-off dumpster in Spring Valley PA or any big container. As long as you have the proper vehicle, you can bring your old furniture to charitable organisations or the dumpster yourself. Even though most furniture removers offer to remove heavy items from the very spot where they’re at, some don’t want them to come inside. Whatever the case might be, it’d be best to equip yourself with some extra tools. At least, you won’t break your back and are most likely grateful to make the job a lot easier.

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Get a pair of furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are probably one of the best inventions for which those are the most essential tool for any furniture removal. There actually are two versions of this tool. One is made with sliders and the other is available with rolls. Basically, these pieces are made of sturdy plastic with a rubber base or rolls underneath. With an additional tool that you receive with these sliders, you’ll only have to slightly lift up the heavy item you intend to get out of the way. 

Start with each foot – or side – and lift up that corner. Next, you place the sliders or rolls underneath it. Before you even know it, you can gently pull the item anywhere you want. Sliders are going to turn the job into a literal breeze since you can also move a large cabinet on your own. You won’t even require the helping hand of a friend. Another huge advantage of these sliders is that they’re suitable for any floor and won’t damage the floor either. Concerns about ruining your floor during furniture removal are definitely not needed in this case. You’ll neither have to disassemble larger furniture pieces. You can remove them in one nice piece.

Get a pair of furniture sliders

Have a dolly at hand

For smaller items, that are heavier than they look, you should take advantage of a dolly for your furniture removal. There are several types of dollies. On the one hand, there’s a utility dolly. You’ve most likely seen one at least with the parcel guy when he delivered a bunch of parcels either to you or a neighbour. These dollies make it incredibly easy to move washing machines, fridges, and also armchairs. A sofa would certainly be a little too much for the utility dolly. You could also use one if you’re dumping several boxes with books along with your furniture. Just place them onto the dolly and they’ll be at the curb within a minute.

On the other hand, there’s a furniture dolly. It’s a flat base with four swivel wheels mostly used for sofas or also pianos. Certainly, you can also move boxes with a furniture dolly after you’re with the furniture removal. It’s not a bad idea to keep such little helpers for similar tasks in the future. If you’re not too keen on adding more tools to your garage or cellar, you can rent dollies from local movers. 

Have you considered moving straps and ropes?

Having a dolly of either version will require you to have some moving straps and ropes at hand. Secure heavy items to the dolly during the furniture removal. If you’re just putting your stuff at the curb, you may not care if anything falls off your dolly. The items are going to be collected anyway, damage doesn’t matter. But the heavier the item is that you’ve put onto the dolly, the more damage it can do to your home if it falls off. Any washing machine falling off a dolly will damage tile floors. It’d be worse if the item slides off right into your china cupboard. Should you want to donate or sell the items you’re moving outside, or anywhere else for this matter, you don’t want any new dents. 

A well-sorted toolkit 

For any type of furniture removal, it’s a good idea to have a toolbox at hand. You never know if you may have to disassemble a piece after all. The most important item you’ll need from your toolbox will be the measuring tape. You’ll need it to measure the size of your items before the furniture removal. If they turn out to be too wide that they don’t fit through the doors or even windows, you’ll need the other tools in your kit. This would especially apply to a screwdriver and pliers that allow you to disassemble any furniture with ease. Don’t forget about the fact that you’ll need a screwdriver anyway if you’re handling electronic appliances. 

Don’t forget a pair of gloves

Heavy-duty gloves are an absolute must-have for any furniture removal. They don’t only protect your hands from possible injuries, such as scratches or cuts. Gloves made of canvas or leather that still allow you to move your fingers freely provide you with an extra grip. Without gloves, any heavy item can slip out of your hands far too easily. With bad luck, the washing machine lands on your foot. You don’t want to end up with a broken foot during furniture removal. 

Place your feet at a good safe distance from your washing machine or your cabinet and try to lift them with your bare hands. Ok, it’s probably going to be too heavy, but as you attempt to move it, you’ll notice the slippery surface. Better be safe than sorry and invest those few dollars in a good pair of heavy-duty gloves. You’ll certainly appreciate them for years to come.

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