Everything you need to know about long-distance sex toys

Whether you find yourself away from your partner because of good social distancing practices or you are in a long-distance relationship, you may be wondering how you can feel like you’re with your partner. This can mean scheduling Skype dates or FaceTime, trying to plan visits together, watch the same shows, and even a lot of self-love sessions just to release stress and anxiety during these uncertain times.

The good news is that technology keeps on evolving, so there are lots of long distance sex toys that are designed for people in long-distance relationships. These toys can be controlled using a smartphone while you are a mile away. Remember that you and your partner cannot be physically together. Still, sex toys such as sucking silicone vibrators and an active imagination allow women to pretend and fulfill their sexual fantasies. This article explains everything you need to know about long distance sex toys.

Understanding long-distance sex toys

Regardless of whether your partner is living across the country or on the other side of town, long-distance sex toys can assist keep you satisfied until you find the time to be together again. Long-distance sex toys, such as dragon dildos and other fantasy sex toys you can purchase at fantasydildoes.co.uk, are simply sex toys specifically designed for long-distance couples.

You can use any long-distance sex toy to interact with your long-distance partner over the phone or on camera. These sex toys can offer an interactive experience through WiFi and Bluetooth.

Even better, you can remotely control the vibration patterns of the long-distance toys through an app. Some of the long-distance sex toys are compatible with virtual reality headsets, such as proprietary video chat applications or they can even sync with audiobooks or music.

It’s always a good idea to figure out the right size of long-distance sex toys to purchase. For men, it’s important to get stroking devices that have a length and girth that is not too large or too small. It’s crucial to know your measurements so that you can get a pleasurable and comfortable fit.

When it comes to women, sizing can sometimes be more challenging. But to know the right size of the long-distance sex toy, you can utilize your fingers as well as a flexible tape measure to help you get an idea of the proper size that will offer a pleasurable experience. So you can compare this size with similarly sized teledildonics devices.

That said, remember that sexual organs can be quite sensitive, so you need to make sure that you don’t experience any adverse reaction to what you are putting into or on your body. After all, you do the same thing with makeup and food, and it should be the same with long-distance sex toys.

Therefore, you need to look out for latex which is sometimes used in some long-distance sex toys. Unfortunately, latex is one of the common allergies, and many people are allergic to it.

Other materials you need to check are vinyl, PVC, and jelly. All these have a substance called phthalates which is usually found in some cheap products. This substance helps to bind and enable plastic to be more flexible.

Types of long-distance sex toys

Thankfully, there are several types of long-distance sex toys, allowing you to choose your favorite sex toy. Many of the sex toys that are designed for long-distance relationships are based on some popular vibrators with added Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities.

You can find masturbator sleeves also called strokers which can wrap around the penis. This simulates masturbation, but the long-distance types are remote-controlled. Visit https://penisplug.co.uk/, and you can also order the best penis plugs and urethral sounds for overall enjoyment and satisfaction.

There are also wearable vibrators that are also remote-controlled. They are designed to be attached to the underwear of the wearer or inserted into the vagina. You can get some versions that you can control using a smartphone app to allow your long-distance partner to start powerful vibrations.

You can also opt for suction sex toys that provide targeted stimulation to the clitoris to initiate suction while having sex. Alternatively, you can choose rabbit-style vibrators which are classic vibrators. These vibrators can stimulate both G-spot and clitoris for vulva owners.

Lastly, there are butt plugs that you can use. You can remote-control through an app with most of the vibrating butt plugs. Some vibrating butt plugs have an external massager designed to stimulate the perineum.

How to buy the right long-distance sex toy

Now that you know the various types of long-distance sex toys you can find on the market, it makes sense to understand what gets you off. This is because many types of sex toys focus on specific parts of your body and they all stimulate differently.

For women, it’s a good idea to think about internal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, or even a combination of all these. On the other hand, men need to think about stimulation from pressure, stimulation from stroking, or erogenous zone stimulation by the perineum or prostate. As you can see, it’s important to take time to find out what exactly works for you so that you and your partner may have the full amount of pleasure.

Cleaning the long-distance sex toy should be another crucial consideration. This may appear like a huge task that is far from your mind, especially after the deed is done. However, it’s important to clean your device before and after use.

If you buy a long-distance sex toy from a reputable supplier, there is a good chance that they can include cleaning guides online or with their products. Some of the things you need to do include making sure that the sex toys are all clean before use, rinse the sex toys thoroughly after every use, sanitize them with anti-bacterial wipes, and read the instructions before you use any cleaner.

To sum it up, long-distance sex toys are a relatively new technology, but they are designed to give you a maximum amount of fun. You need to consider purchasing a versatile sex toy, meaning it should be fun to utilize.