Exchanges with the highest liquidity for Litecoin (LTC)


What to say about the development of the global economic system? Many countries suffer from the lack of the necessary budget to support their citizens. As a result, our operating economy is constantly experiencing some kind of crisis. Is the modern economy morally outdated? Can you analyze the development of the cryptocurrency market? The digital economy has been able to achieve huge capitalization in just a few years of its existence, and many countries with strong economies say that such can seriously disrupt their calm development regime. And the cryptocurrency market does not stand still more so that the government has nothing to do with the initial coin offering (ICO) regulations. So, more and more coins appear. Litecoin is one of them.

Litecoin features

If anyone was interested in cryptocurrency, they heard about Bitcoin. What about Litecoin? Financial experts called it simply “digital silver”. The second most popular token after Bitcoin. The situation has already changed today, and Litecoin has “sank” in popularity, as new and more progressive altcoins appear in the world.

Litecoin was created in 2011. The main task was simple:

  • to modify Bitcoin
  • take into account all its mistakes
  • ü make a progressive product.

In the end it turned out.

Today Litecoin can be called a global torrent system. Each PC, as soon as it installs a litecoin wallet, becomes a part (participant) of this torrent system. Each participant has equal rights. Those among themselves can exchange cryptocurrency.

Exchanges that trade Litecoin are often searched on the Internet. In fact, Litecoin is one of the most popular tokens. Finding it and starting trading is not a problem. The only question is that not every exchange has favorable trading conditions: instruments, volumes, commissions, and much more. And the developer of light, Charles Lee, continues to actively work with his system, improving it, causing new demand and growth in the rate.

The purpose of our article is to help readers find a profitable cryptocurrency exchange for trading. Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with the reviews of some exchanges.


The Binance exchange initially operated in China, but after being banned by the authorities, it moved to Hong Kong in 2017. The exchange belongs to a company from Shanghai, it is registered in Switzerland. The founders of Binance are famous and respected people in the ecosystem. In particular, this is Changpeng Zhao, who worked at and OKCoin. Their project immediately interested and aroused the trust of many traders.

To attract funding, Binance conducted a successful ICO, as a result of which the planned funds ($ 15 million) were raised, but also serious investors were attracted.

The exchange showed impressive growth over the year and is now in first place in terms of daily trading volume. At the time of this writing, it is valued at 446,000BTC, at the current exchange rate, the value in dollars is approaching 5 billion. The day before, the daily trading volume was at 365,000 bitcoins.


The Yobit exchange started operating in January 2015. The listing of the exchange contains about 470 cryptocurrencies, for half of them the daily trading volume does not exceed $ 1000 (excluding ruble pairs).It is one of the famous LTC to BTC exchange.


The Сex project was presented to the general public in 2013. The initial specialization of the service was cloud mining, but in 2015 the site was reorganized. From that moment on, it began to develop exclusively as a cryptocurrency exchange. The developers have made a lot of effort to popularize the site. In particular, they gave traders the opportunity to engage in margin trading and earn money by attracting referrals.

There are more exchanges to keep in mind:

  1. Exmo;
  2. Bitmex;
  3. Localbitcoins;
  4. Cryptopia.


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