Expert Advice Is CISSP Worth It?


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (which is widely known as the CISSP online certification) is a special kind of certification that mainly aims at the sectors of accessing control, paths of telecommunication, realms of networking, and regions related to cryptography. The main requirement for this brand authorized certification test is that the candidate needs to possess at least a minimum of three to five years of working experience in the sector of network as well as security. This working experience should be validated by an individual with an ISC 2 tag along with the certification of the good character of the applicant. The per year salary that a certified professional may earn in the best scenario is approximately around 1.5 million dollars.

It is a globally accepted certification on cyber security that has wide preference among aspiring candidates due to its features. It is administered and managed by the organization named ISC 2 (which can be expanded as the International Information System Security Certification Consortium).

It normally identifies the skills of the candidate regarding cyber security that include various techniques used in penetration test, detection of threats, issues, vulnerabilities, weak access points, risks, malwares such as the viruses, worms, Trojan based horses, etc. in the computers, controlling them effectively and hindering them from entering into the system again. It is also inclusive of the restoring of lost data successfully as well as vice-versa of issues in the network due to some unavoidable threats that might have occurred.

Duration: 6 hours of test

Total number of questions to be answered: – 250

Validity of the certiifcation: – 3 years of validity

Cost of the CISSP examination: – Approximately around $699 in US currency.

The focus areas are as follows:

  1. Access controls
  2. Systems and application security development
  3. Cryptograph: – Symmetric algorithms, encryption, message integrity, public key infrastructure, email security, internet security, digital signatures, etc.
  4. Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  5. Laws and ethics
  6. Security models and architecture
  7. Physical authorization: – This is also known as the public threats. This also includes the wider concepts of threat mitigation techniques, perimeter security, HVAC guidelines, equipment security, personal security, political threats, etc.
  8. Operations security
  9. Networking and telecommunication security
  10. Best management ways along with methods

Various benefits of the CISSP certification:

Hike in the salary: – While a normal IT candidate may earn up to about $80, 000 per year (in US currency), a CISSP certified professional will make it easily to nearly $ 1.5 million per year because of the  CISSP online certification. The monetary increment is in accordance with the trust an organization instils in the candidate and his working security skills.

Better future aspects: – Verified candidates are undoubtedly preferred over the other ones for the specific causes. Various IT sectors that have a firm hold in the business region, have come to refer certain candidates who possess a CISSP certification.

Better look on the CV: – A brand certification is like a one time investment. CISSP is no such an exception rather it is the best option for any IT professional. As per the report of Cyber security trends spotlight of the year 2017, CISSP is the most valued credential among employers.

A wider horizon of cyber security: – The higher you go up, the more accessories you see. CISSP helps you in soaring high enough to understand the concepts of applied cyber security ways and methodologies like the entry test, cloud based security and paths, etc.

The experience, the authorization from a former ISC 2 credential holder and the pain staking test undertaken to go through the certification exams, improve your knowledge apart from glorifying the 3 – 5 years experience.

Thus, the above mentioned advantages are availed by the individual holding a  certification. A certification is the shortest route for an organization to bring an eligible person that is already trained as well as skilled, thus making their work easier and time efficient as well as economic. In addition to these, the benefits provided are more than the expectations of IT firm employees. The CISSP individuals have thus been and are being pursued widely by IT professionals regardless of their expertise in skills and preferences in job.