External hard drive data recovery


If you are thinking, is it possible to recover files from external hard drives? Yes, you can recover your data from an external hard drive if they have been accidentally deleted.

We have many data recovery software in the market that helps us handle file deletion or disk formatting. The deleted files are still available even when logically inaccessible to the system.

What is HDD?

External hard disk drives (HDD) are used as a reliable backup method. Suppose an external hard drive fails and loses all of its data. In that case, you can secure data by hard drive data recovery provided by the experts with industry-leading and professional external HDD data recovery services. Hard disk drives are portable and easy to use. You can carry it with yourself whenever you are outside.

Why do we need external hard drive recovery?

Suppose, you run a small online business and all of your data about your products, customer orders, and inquiries saved in your laptop or computer. And your hard drive becomes corrupted, and you lose all of your data. What should you do in that case?To avoid all of these hassles, you must keep the backup otherwise you’re doomed.

Many computers use external hard drives because it is essential in Variety of situations. It operated as the media on which companies store their computer system backups.

The widespread use of external hard drives is to retrieve files from a logically damaged or corrupted disk. External hard drives are beneficial in the case of extended storage as they provide extra space for storing photos, music, and videos.

Method to recover deleted files from external hard drive

Here are the complete guides that will help you get your deleted files back from an external hard drive using disk drill data recovery software.

Download and install

The first step you have to do is to download and install a disk drill for the windows of your computer. You have to provide system-level recommendation during the installation and give a program to make changes in the system.

Connect and launch

After the above step, connect the external hard drive to your computer and launch the disk drill. A screen of the machine will see the disk list of all available devices; here you have to select the external drive option.

Search for deleted files

The third step is to scan the deleted files, for this click on the search for lost data button and start the scanning process. If you want the best recovery results, allow the disk drill to run its scanning procedure automatically in the optimal order. You can pause and restart the scanning processes at any time.

Preview the recoverable data

See all the files found by disk drill scanning algorithm. Disk drill scanning algorithm organizes all recovered data in folders for pictures, videos, documents and archive files. Here you have to select files for restore as well as a safe location to store them.

Complete the recovery process

At last, click the recover button to restore the selected files to your designated storage location. After the process completes, your files will be available to your operating system and their original applications.

Challenges of external hard drive data recovery

Some factors can affect your chances of successful data recovery on an external hard drive:

Size of hard drive

The external hard drive recovery is tough on larger drives like a hard drive which can hold 8TB of data or more. Experts of drive recoveries try their best to repair external hard drives before using our proprietary software to recover data without any damage.

File system

The external hard drive can format in the different file systems like FAT, NTFS. The formatting depends on the operating system used in the recovery process.

Substitute data recovery methods

There are many alternatives you can try to recover lost data from the external hard drive. You can use the Windows command line and CHKDSK. We have a Windows system, file checker, and antivirus software to scan your computer and external drive to fix corrupted files.


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