Factors to Consider Before Switching Energy Providers in NSW


With at least 30 electricity and gas companies retailing across NSW, you have plentiful options as a consumer. Energy providers offer competitive rates, offers, and discounts to customers across the state.

If you are looking for cheap electricity NSW, there are several points to consider.

Understand Your Fees

Identify your requirements before switching to a new energy plan. The best energy plan for you will vary based on your residential appliance usage requirements and other similar factors.

Usage Charges

Usage charges rates are charged for residential or commercial electricity usage. Usage charges are calculated in cent per kWh for electricity and cent per MJ for gas. The average energy usage rates in NSW are around 22 cents per kWh.

Supply Charges

Consider the supply rate you are charged for the supply of energy to your home. Supply charges vary based on the pricing policies of the energy supplier and other similar factors. Your location plays a vital role.

Connection Fees

Check the hidden connection, disconnection, and exit fees in your contract from the energy provider.

Discounts and Offers

Energy companies offer bundling discounts, deals, rewards, and other incentives to customers. Analyse these plans and incentives in detail to figure out if they work for you. Also, check for additional government rebates and discounts you may be eligible for.

Quality of Customer Service

The quality of customer service is a vital aspect to consider when looking for cheap electricity in NSW. You will need customer support services from the company to resolve any issue you may face as a customer. Go through detailed reviews and ratings of different energy suppliers in NSW to know more about the customer service quality.

Outstanding Dues on Old Bills

Customers may need up to three months to switch to a new energy provider. Your most recent meter reading is usually studied and sent to the new electricity or gas company before the switch is allowed.

If you live in NSW, you can avoid this slow process by asking your current energy provider to take a new reading using a new meter. You may have to pay an additional meter-reading charge to speed up this process. After the reading is complete, you will be required to pay off any outstanding bills with your current supplier.

 Cool-Off Period

In some instances, you might change your mind after signing up for a new energy provider. It could be because you found a cheaper deal or service providers that offer you special features or your existing provider agrees to provide you with a better deal.

Remember, you will have a 10- to 17-day cool-off period where you are allowed to cancel your new plan. You will have to contact your energy retailer within this period and cancel the agreement. The energy company may charge an exit fee if you initiate a cancellation beyond the cooling-off period.

Wrapping Up

Before switching your energy retailer, it is good to call your energy provider for a better deal. Inform your current energy provider that you are dissatisfied with the current plan and are looking for a better option. They might provide you with better options. In cases where they offer a new deal, you can calculate and see if the opportunity cost is high or not.

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