Fake Leather Products to Add to Your Wardrobe


Is your wardrobe in need of a bit of an upgrade? Do you need to buy some new accessories, a new pair of boots, or a fresh jacket?

If you’re in the market for adding new pieces to your wardrobe to switch up your look, you may have materials in mind. Namely, you may think of leather when looking for items like these.

May we offer up fake leather products for your consideration?

Fake leather can look just as real as cow leather without the cruelty and negative environmental impact. Here are a few of our favorite leather-free alternative pieces.

Cork Wallets

We hate to break it to you, but the leather wallet you have on your nightstand or in your purse will one day dry out and start to crack. That’s just how leather is, nobody can change that.

But a cork wallet will never do that to you.

Cork wallets have a unique look to them that gives you a similar feel and vibe to traditional leather versions. It’s waterproof and sustainable.

Plus, it floats. Your leather wallet can’t say the same for itself.

Cactus Leather Boots

Don’t worry, the cactus in these boots won’t poke your toes.

Cactus leather is made by taking fibers from the cactus plant and sun-drying them to create a unique material. These fibers are then woven and molded to create a cool-looking pair of boots that are just as durable as the plant they came from.

They’re also waterproof, in case you feel like jumping through some puddles in your new boots.

Mushroom Leather Jackets

Have you ever looked at a portabella and thought “wow, this would make great leather?” Probably not.

Mushroom leather isn’t made from the actual mushrooms themselves. Rather, it’s harvested from the underground fibers responsible for creating and feeding the mushrooms we love to cook with.

There are more and more mycelium leather products making their way onto the fake leather market, and a mushroom leather jacket is a great way to join in on this growing trend.

Recycled Rubber Bracelets

Are you into the tough, cool look of a leather cuff? Try swapping it out for a recycled rubber version.

Recycled rubber from things like tires is a great way to reuse a material that takes a long time to break down. It gives you the same look as other hard-leather accessories without any of the negative impacts of traditional leather.

Plus, when someone asks you “what is that made out of?” you can just say “tires.” Pretty cool.

A Banana Leaf Purse

When you think about it, banana leaves live in climates where tropical storms are the norm. This makes them both waterproof and durable.

Try out a banana leaf for your next purse. It’s sure to make a statement wherever you bring it, and yes, it does have a sort of leathery feel to it.

A Waxed Cotton Tote Bag

Waxed cotton, preferably organic, is a classic alternative to traditional cow leather. A waxed cotton tote bag painted any color you’d like will give you a look almost identical to real leather.

Up your sustainability game by purchasing a waxed cotton tote bag to use as your reusable bag for groceries. Just make sure to not leave it in the car because, you know, wax.

Spice Up Your Closet with Unique Items

If you’re going to spice up your look, why not take it to the next level with a fake leather product?

Cow leather is a thing of the past. Be on the cutting edge of fashion technology with leather made from mushrooms and cacti.

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