Fascinating Ruins


Well-preserved historical buildings are pleasing to the eye. Half-destroyed, they chain him. There is something mesmerizing in the ruins. There are so many different amazing places in the world that it is really hard to visit them all. Though technologies can ease our traveling and you can visit many places just by staying at home. From ancient museums to grand casinos you can visit by sitting in your cozy armchair. So don’t miss the chance and test your luck at CasinoChan login and win your first jackpot.

Valley of the Mills in Italy, Sorrento

In the very center of the city, a hundred meters from Torquato Tasso Square, from a cliff on Fuorimura Street, an unexpected view of the green gorge opens up. At the very bottom is a dilapidated building overgrown with moss. Once these ruins were a mill. It is known that in the 16th century it was already used. He worked on water coming from springs in the hills. Nearby were also a sawmill and a laundry. The mill was abandoned at the beginning of the 20th century. Due to high humidity and lack of wind, people could not live and work there.

 Carmelite Monastery in Portugal, Lisbon

The earthquake of 1755 turned the monumental Convento do Carmo of the 14th-15th centuries into ruins and completely destroyed the monastery library with 5,000 books. During the reign of Maria I of Portugal, reconstruction was begun, but it was interrupted due to the expulsion of monastic orders in 1834. Neo-Gothic partitions and arches between the natives have been preserved. Romanization of dilapidated antiquities was in vogue. Therefore, it was decided not to restore the monastery. In 1864, the archaeological museum was located here.

Whitby Abbey in the UK, Yorkshire

It is called one of the scariest places in England. The abbey was founded in 657. It was destroyed in 867-870 by the Vikings led by Ubbe and Ivar the Boneless, sons of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. Two hundred years later, the building was restored as a Benedictine monastery. And in 1540 the abbey was destroyed by Henry VIII. Since then, it has been abandoned, attracting lovers of mysticism. Someone sees in the cracks of the windows the ghost of the first abbess of the monastery Hilda, someone hears the sounds of a drowned bell. The Abbey impressed Bram Stoker so much that he described Whitby as the place where Dracula turned into a dog.

Ta Prohm in Cambodia, Angkor

The temple, built in the 12th century and dedicated to Prajnaparamita, the goddess of the Perfection of Wisdom, was abandoned in the 15th century and literally merged with the jungle. When the French Institute of the Far East undertook the restoration of the temples of Angkor in the 21st century, it was decided to leave Ta Prohm as it was found, with trees sprouting through the walls, for the public.

Ruins of Saint Paul in China, Macau

The Church of Our Lady of the Jesuit College of São Paulo was built in 1580 and burned down in 1595 and 1601. In 1602, it began to be restored. Monumental five-level facade. It reflected steps towards God and was richly decorated with sculptures and inscriptions. It was completed in 1640. After the devastating fire of 1835, only this façade remained. And another staircase of 68 steps leading to it.

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